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Starting Week 4

I took my 4th shot last night. So far I still get anxiety about the shot and have yet to give it to myself. I’m on 100mg once a week and I’ve taken .5 mg anastrozole twice so far.

This is what I’m noticing so far…

stronger in the gym
Feeling decent for 3-4 days after shot
Increased libido
Continued weight loss

Still having some anxiety, though might be a little better.
Brain fog and concentration issues still
I seem extra tired during the day

The main reason I’m pursuing trt is to try to help alleviate the brain fog/ light headedness feeling I get. I’m starting to notice that this feeling occurs almost always after a workout. Usually on the ride home. It also happens sometimes during a normal day, and the feeling is really hard to describe.

Any ideas?

I would drop the AI and keep going for 2-4 more weeks. Up your dose after that if not getting the relief from the brain fog.

How do your thyroid labs look? Brain fog is one of the main symptoms of hypothyroidism.

I’m, going to try to not take ai this week. I did however see a little anxiety relief from the ai. I’m prescribed 1mg a week, but talked to my dr and told him I was going to refrain from taking it unless it was a last resort. So once I caved I only took .5 mg. I think since I’m obese I might be a high estrogen converter.

My free t4 was .9 and tsh was 1.22

I wouldn’t change a thing until you get labs, you can’t make decisions on a feeling.

Prenenolone helps me immensely with brain fog.

I’d try like 25mg in the morning.

I will look into this, thank you!