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Starting Week 4, Symptoms

What is the reason your balls to ache without HCG does some doctor know?

This will be my last update unless i suffer some issues . This is week 9 and I have had nothing but positive results on my 160mg dosage of testosterone. I did not need to take the AI or HCG, Around week 5-6 I had some loss of libido and sex drive and seemed to be holding some more water. Around this time i was also finding myself more anxious and getting flustered quickly. This all subsided.

Prior to taking this plunge i was in a serious funk. I worked out non stop meal prepped did cardio and literally was stuck no matter what i did. I felt bored and unmotivated during this time and nearly gave up working out.

At week 9 my sex drive and libido is insane ! I feel like i am in high school again. In the gym my strength goes up weekly and i seem to be leaning out very well. I always seemed to carry my fat in my ab region. My arms, shoulders and legs could look vascular an lean but my abs never looked as lean. I am starting to notice my mid section is getting much leaner.

I did not experience any testicle shrinkage and as of week 9 my hair is not thinning. I did not get any acne or excess body hair. It seems the hair on my head is growing faster and my facial skin is slightly more oily. I am hoping for continued success while on TRT.

This just shows you 6 weeks while levels are more or less stable, your body takes longer to utilize these new levels. Most do not give protocols enough time and change things up too often.

Oily skin is DHT, it stimulates the glands in the skin to produce oil.