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Starting Week 4, Symptoms

Been on 160mg a week split into two 80mg doses a week. Not taking an AI and not taking HCG. My sex drive is insane, erections better than ever, I have morning wood every morning and for the first time in years spontaneous erections . I have not experienced any acne just slightly oily skin and my testicles have not shrunk at all. I am gaining strength every time i workout and cardio is insane.

I have two negative sides. First I now notice when there is some hairs on my pillow in the morning. To be honest this could be completly normal but once i started TRT i began thinking that it would make me suddenly lose my hair lol. I still have a perfect hairline at 38… so this could be me being ocd.

The other negative side is every so often like today I get extremely overwhelmed. I took my shot last night and today I am extremely agitated and flustered? I keep thinking about my upcoming work week and feel very stressed out. It’s literally affecting things i could be doing to enjoy the weekend.
I am not bloated, my nipples are not sensitive, i have no other high estrogen sides so is it the testosterone creating this state of agitation? I

Your levels may be in excess, most likely your levels have not stabilized yet which takes 6 weeks.

The half lives is the most overlooked aspect in the TRT world, steady state in 42 days.

It’s the E2 rise, wait it out. You’ll probably be fine.

Hi smash10033

Be interested to keep hearing how you are getting on. I am about to start taking TRT for the first time due to high SHBG.

Going to be taking Test enanthate, twice weekly about the same as yourself ( 2 x 75mg)

Sounds like it is really improving things for you?

Jay, The biggest improvements i have noticed is strength is jumping every single week. It seems like every week my reps and weights are going up. My sex drive is also through the roof and erections have been insane. I really do not notice any difference in energy levels ? I know some people said that they suddenly feel energized all day. I still feel tired during the day and somewhat lethargic but the second i step into the gym that vanishes.

Sounds like it is going well smash so far…I guess it takes a while for your body to adjust and find its level. Are you sticking with twice weekly? and did you start at twice weekly injections?..or weekly, then move to twice weekly?

I am halfway through week 6 and want to knock on wood because things honestly seem very smooth. When i started i was petrified that my balls would hurt, shrink and go back into my body. This has not been the case at all. If they did shrink i cannot tell and my semen quality has not changed. The only difference in that area is my erections are insane and I seem to think about sex all the time. I have morning wood every morning now and even have the random bone pop up middle of the day… circa 1997 ?

I have an awesome sense of well being while on TRT and my outlook at life has changed dramatically. Rather than stress and get overhwhelmed like i used to… i find myself getting agressive and handling situations immediatly before they fester.

My body has become much leaner and every week my strength goes up. I am not stuck at the weights i have been stuck at since 2003. I was at a pool party this weekend and my one buddy looked at me and said " are you on something?" It is like my body was starving for tesosterone and is now reacting like it should have for the last 10 years.

I have not experienced an increase in bodyhair or acne ? I am hypervigilant about hairloss and seem to notice every stand of hair that appears on my brush or pillow. I have noticed this since week 1 and honestly this could have been happening my entire life but never paid attention. I have read that DHT related hairloss doesnt happen immediatly so i am hoping this is just normal summer shedding. I still have my complete hairline at 39 with no recession or bald spot.

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I’m on the same protocol 160mg a week split into two 80mg doses for 10 weeks now. Great gym gains and sex drive thru the roof. I have family and friends also complementing me on my gains. Unfortunately I am getting occasional chest acne and have really oily skin. Thinking about going EOD or ED injections to combat these issues … thoughts? Need to do bloods soon to see where I’m at.

use acne wipes.

Your hair grows quicker on TRT because your metabolic rates are higher, so you will notice you are shedding more hair.

If you were susceptible to balding you would’ve had symptoms before your late 30’s.

You normally loose around 100 hairs per day. So what you are seeing is probably normal.

You are experiencing what is called the honeymoon phase. It will pass and many have spent thousands trying to get it back. I look forward to your future reports.

This seems like a pretty long honeymoon phase? Everything I have read said you usually hit the wall around week 3-4 when your natural production hits 0 ?

Hey buddy, are you using anything to stop balls shrinkage at all such as HCG which I heard helps with that. I was on cycle for 2 months at 120ml test cypionate and they shrunk for me. Its a concern that Id like to find out how to ameliorate. I off cycle and test is real low and life is not the best so Id appreciate if you have any advice about this. thanks

My honey moon phase lasted 8 weeks. Then my e2 levels got too high, due to no ai. Then anxiety kicked in which led to full on panic attacks. I was done with trt. I was scared to go to sleep at night because I knew I was going to wake up in the middle of the night with a panic attack. I thought I was going to die. I got blood work done and e2 was high. Went on Anastrozole and began to feel better. Then my joints started killing me. My right shoulder was to the point I couldn’t do any overhead movements. Then I tore my mcl. Stayed on the ai for 8 weeks total, before my next blood work. My e3 had absolutely crashed. Thanks to this forum, I talked to my Dr. about eod injections and dropping the ai. Eod for 8 weeks got me back into the sweet spot. It worked so well, I went to ed injections. I’ve been great ever since. I feel like I normal human being again. Eating clean and hitting the gym 5 days a week is actually showing results. I’m thin (205 lbs with 32 inch waste), with great muscle definition, great energy, all of my lifts are up significantly, no joint pain, and my wife won’t make eye contact with me because she’s scared I’ll pop an instant hard on and drag her to the bed room. Ed injections and no ai works great for me. I do think that eating clean, little to no alcohol, taking vitamins regularly, and exercising regularly are just as important. But I think if you’re going to take on a life of trt, you should be on this protocol anyways. Trt by itself is not a magic pill. You will have to learn for yourself what your high e2 and low e2 symptoms are. They are difficult to differentiate between, but are important to understand. Pay close attention to all of your moods, and how your body feels. Let the blood work tell you where you are, and learn your symptoms. It will help your trt a lot. Ed or eod may or may not work for everyone, but you will have to figure it out for yourself. Good luck.

My protocol is 120mg/wk T Cyp. 800iu/wk HCG, .25mg/wk anastrozole.
I only take HCG to keep my balls from aching.

Mid way through week 7 and on Sunday felt absolutely horrible. Woke up feeling like a train hit me. Went and played golf in the 100 degree heat and it kept getting worse throughout the day. Sunday night I could barely breath and was wheezing and completely stuffed up. First time I have been sick since 2012… my first time ever having something in the summer Feeling run down but managed a chest workout yesterday and still went up in reps. Hard to say how this week feels since I am sick. Thinking I have been overdoing it in the weight room and ran myself down. I have not seen any significant gains for a very long time and had a hard time getting myself out of the gym the last few weeks. I just wanted to keep lifting and working out as everything seemed lighter.

Same thing happened to me. 99% sure it is from too much in the gym. Ive been going harder than ever lately and it caught up to me. Take a short break from training so hard and eat good and I bet youll be good to go.

Starting week 8 took my shot this morning. Last week I was very worried. I was suffering from a sinus infection and felt pretty run down. Had not been sick since 2012 and do not recall ever feeling this crappy. Libido was dead and was wondering if this was the magic drop off everyone keeps talking about. Around Thursday I started to feel better and libido returned. It was the highest it has probably been since my teenage years. Still managed to workout all last week and my strength continues to climb while being in a caloric deficit.

Starting to notice a reduction In bodyfat and increased vascularity. I am seeing veins in my calves for the first time in years, my shoulders have veins popping and my arms.

I am going to slow down on working out. I think I taxed my immune system with the big increase in weights and extra cardio. My muscles may be recovering and growing faster but my immune system didn’t get upgraded with TRT lol