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Starting w/ My First Prohormone


Gonna start my first prohormone, im turning 21, trying to figure out what to take and how to take in regards of pct and all that. Trying to pack on some lean muscle. I'm 205 pretty lean at 11% BF. Im starting to do competitive bodybuilding but i've been doing powerlifting also for awhile. Help me out!


Common sense, after seeing alot of posts and replies on this site, would tell me not to post a thread like this.
1. This site laughs at the use of prohormones
2. You didnt list any real stats, besides weight and age
3. And last, You jump onto a board asking for us to tell you all the answers, instead of searching yourself first and getting the basic knowledge down, then comming here with real questions.

PCT is the easiest topic when it comes to searching-there's only a few "standard" ways, and some get more detailed. Go google it. Google everything, forums, logs, cycles, dosing, yadda yadda. go page after page through google and dont stop at the first link of the page.

Most people wouldnt even reply to this post, so take my advise. How can anyone help anybody that doesnt help themselves


How tall are you?


"my first prohormone"

Is that a new steroid made by Playschool or something?


Prohormones all You Need To Know
Serm and Ai Sticky

....These are at the top of the steroid forum and marked with a yellow sticky. They really are, all you need to know (at least at this point). Read them word for word. Then really ask yourself if you still want to start a prohormone cycle. I say read about prohormones on this forum and any others you can find for a few months at least before even considering starting a cycle


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