Starting Velocity Diet Day after Thanksgiving

Starting Velocity Diet day after thanksgiving to reset and lean out. I promised my daughter I would have abs on my 40th birthday, January 25th.


Good luck man!

That deadline fast approaches, and the holidays will be in your way. It’s a worthy goal, but I think we should all celebrate your compliance to the V-diet regardless of the final aesthetic.

Keep us posted!

Height ?

2 months …. Good luck

Are you one of th lucky ones that naturally have good separation or are planning on doing direct ab work?

I have good separation, and I will be doing direct a work, walking, full body weight training routines.


I’m 5-10.
Thank you!

Thank you! Yes it is coming up soon.

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Lots of muscle under there. You’ll have a dramatic after! Keep us posted.

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How was week one, OP?

The first week was tough getting used to the low carbs!

I lost 6 pounds, but that is fine with me because I know it’s mostly water. I am doing 30 minutes brisk walk on treadmill full incline 6 mornings a week with a few sets of shoulders and arms, as well as a low volume/high-intensity full body every other day. The endurance is down for sure! I have never been committed to cardio and nutrition in my life, so I am excited. Noticing more definition in the shoulders and arms.

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That’s outstanding! Thanks for the update and keep on keeping on!