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Starting V-Diet Soon, Supp Help


I know everyone is going to tell me to go with Biotest, but i dont like buying stuff online and was wondering what supps people would recomend from GNC or another chain health store.


Get over the dislike and go with Biotest.

See, you were right!

Ok, the only supplement I'd recommend to go along with your upcoming liquid protein diet (it's not the v-diet w/o Biotest, sorry) is a good greens supplement*. There are many available at chain stores. Personally I use Perfect Food.

Oh, and you can go with a fish oil like Carlson's, also available in stores.

*Yeah, I know a greens supplement wasn't recommended with the diet in order to develop those healthly eating habits. The OP isn't using the original plan anyway, so another change wouldn't hurt.


Ok....well, if there is ever a safe place to buy stuff online, its this site. In addition to that, there are very few powders out there which contain the amount, and the high quality, micellar casein and whey isolate that Low-Carb Metabolic Drive does, nor are there any, in my opinion, that taste as good. It will also be hard to find powders that fit carb and calorie guidelines.

GNC does have a protein called PM Protein which is Whey Concentrate and Calcium Caseinate, designed to be a blend of fast and slow digesting proteins, respectively. Tastes like crap. Quality is probably questionable. Most of all the other proteins at GNC are whey, and are lame. A few rare blended proteins include:
Optimum Nutrition Pro-Complex (whey and egg)
Xyience X-Protein (whey and egg)
Syntha-6 (this is a micellar and whey blend, but I suspect it has a lot more whey than micellar casein, and also has added fat and is fairly high in carbohydrates, even with the high fiber content, for the amount of protien you get. I don't think you could really do the V-Diet as written using this shake)

GNC sells HOT-ROX Extreme, but it is not the same formulation as designed on T-Nation. I believe the HOT-ROX Extreme at GNC has the XXG blend, which contains the guarana-berry extract and theophyline, whereas the T-Nation version is the XXX version.

If I had to venture an educated guess, the XXG version is going to have a stronger stimulant energy effect (the masses like to feel their fatburners), while the XXX version is geared more for muscle mass preservation (even though it gives you lots of energy too.) Could be off base with that though. Anyways, you'd still be ok going the XXG route.

The GNC branched chain aminos are laughable, if you were planning on supplementing with branched chains.

You could use their flaxseed and fish oil, but be prepared to take a lot of fish oil pills. You may not care - I don't. I take a shitload in addition to Flameout.

Most GNCs are not going to carry a post-workout recovery shake that even compares to Surge.

I'd strongly urge buying Biotest, like you anticipated.


Bro... Look at the T-Nation 500 and tell me you dont think its safe to order off of this site. I myself have done probably 15-20 orders trouble free.

Not to mention the shipping is lightning fast (and F-R-E-E).

Try it once... Not to mention you'll get raped in price at GNC or Vit Shoppe


My first run on the V-Diet was done without Biotest supps and I totally failed; Was it because I wasn't using Biotest products? Hard to say, but I was following the directions exactly as prescribed and I just couldn't hang with it.

Second time on the V-Diet was with Biotest supps and I was able to hang with it (until the last week when some bad personal stuff happened and I dropped it entirely; but it wasn't due to hunger, was having troubles at home/work).

I say just go for it with Biotest supps. I feel comfortable ordering from Biotest.