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Starting V-Diet: Questions

Hello yall I just got all my supplements this morning ( thx for the free protein bar! ) Which consists of of 2 Low-Carb Grow! and 2 HOT-ROX bottles with a side order of 3 tubes of Surge…might have over ordered on the Surge and I know I will be needing more Protein but I have a couple important questions to ask.

  1. I have bought Fish oils and Fiber tablets and I don’t know If I should use Vitamen C or E or multivitamin and If I were to use them when should I use these?

Tuesday / Thursday / Sunday

5 Low-Carb Grow! shakes made with ice cold water, spread evenly throughout the day

4 servings of milled flax seeds, added evenly over several shakes

21 salmon oil capsules

IS what was written in the Velocity Diet and I don’t know if I need to take 21 salmon oil capsules a day? or over the 3 days soo 21 divided by the 3 days spread evenly?

Monday / Wednesday / Friday

5 Low-Carb Grow! shakes, spread evenly throughout the day

4 servings of milled flax seeds, added evenly over several shakes

1 serving of Surge after weight workouts. (Half can also be sipped throughout the workout, with the other half slammed right after.)

No salmon capsules on this day.

For mon wed and frid I don’t know why fiber isn’t included? Should I take fiber everyday or?? Also I havce Cod Liver oil capsules are those useful?


Just getting somethings straightened out before I go on V-Diet.

Make sure you check out the Velocity Diet 2 thread. In there he explains that he felt the fiber wasn’t nearly as necessary as he anticipated as the flaxseed was enough fiber for the most part.

He was taking 21 capsules daily on non weight training days. Cod liver oil deviates from this program, so no, they’re not useful.

It’s been a while, but from what I remember…

  • The fish oil, like the other items mentioned, are given in daily quanties which you take on the days specified.

  • If you want to or do take multivitamins or whatnot, just do it when you do it. It won’t matter to any degree.

  • You will need a lot more protein to get through this… as basically you are living off of two scoop shakes five times a day.

  • Personally, I used milled flax seeds in my shakes, and things were fine. Other fiber ideas I have no ability to counsel on.

Good luck!

21 capsules a day? Is that healthy? I’m just afraid about doing this V-diet wrong thats why I’m asking these questions.

Alright so all I need is to figure out how many fish oil capsules I need to take and I need to go buy flax seeds? Also Vroom I will be ordering 4 more containers of protein I fucked up when I oredered my first set of supps and it was too late to add to it : ( also shipping and taxes cost me 65+ dollars…lmao

What are you doing the V-diet? What are your stats? And lifting experience?

Remember that with this diet, there really is no fat in the protein drinks or the flax seed, so 21 caps every other day is really not that many. Average that out and it’s really only 10 caps a day. This is your only fat.

Also, when drinking protein drinks with the milled flax, you kinda gotta slam the drink as the milled seeds sink to the bottom quickly.

Hmm, JS asks a couple good questions too. Anyway, if you are doing it, that was milled flax seeds… not just flax seeds.

Alright I’m looking to lose weight. I weigh 180 and I want to get down to 160. i’m 5’7 maybe 5’8 18 years old. I want to lose FAT then I will bulk. I rather be skinny then fat so this is why I’m doing Velocity diet. I started at 240 pounds. I think this Diet will help me achieve my goal.

Also I bought Flax Seed OIL capsules. Are they what I should be using? because thats the only thing they have they dont have FLAX SEEDS only flax seed oil so am I ok with Flax Seed Oil capsules?

Well, you’ll get the oil component that way, but you won’t be getting the fiber.

You will be likely to need some fiber in your diet at some point…

I bought Fiber tablets…I asked for fucking milled flax seeds and the 2 places I went to which were pharmacies HAD NO CLUE what MILLED FLAX SEEDS IS … how the fuck do they not know and they don’t have it soo Imma use flax seed oil and I will use the fiber tablets I purchased.

[quote]vroom wrote:
Well, you’ll get the oil component that way, but you won’t be getting the fiber.

You will be likely to need some fiber in your diet at some point…[/quote]

Yeah. Get some benefiber or something also.

lol, no sweat Raf! I found milled flax seeds in the organics section of my local mega-grocery store.

A health food store, if you have one around, would probably keep some in or near the refridgerator you’ll often find in the back corner.

It’s a pain in the ass getting everything organized, but once you do it once, at least you’ll have it all figured out for next time too.

Calling me Raf means we r friend so u r in my buddy list now : )~ vroom vroom vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooom