Starting up with t-dawg + Hot-Rox

Ok, I just took some pics of myself today and after finding out that bodyfat sells for nothing on the open market (yeah it’s bad), i’ve decided to try this stuff with the t-dawg 2.0 diet.

I plan on doing 3-4 workout days per week of lifting, max session will run is 1.5 hours per day, usually 1+ hour of lifting and the rest is warmup and stretching(3 kids in childcare time limit). Cardio I can do at home with kids 3-4 days per week also.

I bought 2 bottles of hot rox, I figure that will last me ~ 2 months?

What other stuff should I be aware of?

I’ve read a bunch of those contest reports and found my self quite jealous at the nice improvement those people had. I myself have never been below 10%, and always have had midsection fat wish I would love to eliminate.