Starting Typical Dose of HCG Enough to Put Me at 1000 Total T?

Im 25 and Ive been taking 100mg test every Friday last 12 weeks from PCP and Total T went from 209 to 757 on the trough and E2 is 33.9 idk what it was before.

Specialist from DEFY is putting me on new protocol of 1500IU 3x per week and arimidex 1/2mg 2-3 x per week to lower E2. I’m also suppose to buy otc DHEA and take 1 per day.

He said for secondary hypogonadism(which he believes so because I’m 25 without testicular injury) it’s suppose to be HCG treatment and that my PCP doc basically just shut me down the last 12 weeks.

He also mentioned testosterone will shut someone down and that the longer I’m shut down the longer it takes to get it back to normal

I will try this for 2 months and if it doesn’t put me at optimal T on the trough than he will add testosterone but for now I’m off of it .

Glad my E2 will lower cause I’ve been getting symptoms like water retention and snapiness lol

Nobody yet knows the consequences of shutting down a young man in his 20’s, endocrine systems are still developing past the age of 30 and a gradual decline as we age. This is why doctor attempt other methods first, Clomid, then HCG and if those fail TRT.

TRT is a last resort.

I’ve heard of a cases where pregnenolone and DHEA restored a guys testosterone, because it was these hormones being out of whack that cause the testosterone deficiency.

My first endo never investigated my low T, never ran LH and FSH. Klonopin was the known causes of my low T, but don’t know if it the primary reason. I will always wonder if Clomid could have restored my testosterone.

Do you think HCG alone is enough to put me in that optimal range

I don’t see why not, the question is will you feel good with excellent numbers. HCG stimulates the bottom half of the testicles, while suppressing the top half. Beware anastrozole can’t affect E2 insides the testicles so if find the increasing the AI not lowering E2, you would then need to lower the HCG dosage.

Are you saying if I don’t feel good with excellent numbers than I’d have to bring it down or bring it more up?

I hope you enjoy being paid $.77 on the dollar.

But seriously, that’s a lot of hCG. How are you going to control e2 on that high of a dose?

Lol I meant 1,500 a week(500IUx3 per week)