Starting TRT

Hi, I am 30 and I live in canada. I will be starting testosterone shots in a week. The doctor said my dosage will be 250mg every 3 weeks for the first 3 months. I assume this is all taken at one time?

My question is shouldnt I have had my prostate checked with a computer? It wasnt checked at all even with a finger. And should I be taking clomid/arimidex or hcg at all during this first 3 month period? Will I have any water retention due to this dosage or gyno problems? MY T levles are just below normal and I suffer from depression and axiety and being tired all day long.


This is a recipe for disaster. More info in the stickies. READ THE STICKIES.

Tell your doc that the peaks and falls of T are not healthy. Tell him that you want to inject twice a week, and yes that means that you will self inject. Inject 100mg/week.

The way that your doc suggests will create high levels of E2 then T levels will fall low and you will be awash in E2. And relative to the very high T peaks, you will feel very bad with the low T levels.

Your doc needs to see past the ancient prescribing info that predates disposable syringes and self injection protocols.

Getting T+AI+hCG can be very difficult in Canada. Where are you located?

Many docs would assume that prostate problems would not be a factor at your age.

Get your thyroid levels checked. Hypothyroidism, even when subclinical, can lower T levels and also has a spectrum of symptoms similar to low T.

Get LH and FSH tested before you have any injection of T. This is a diagnostic opportunity that may be missed. At your age, you should be looking for causes other than basic age related decline.

Also based on what you said im putting my 1st test shot on hold for the time being. I read all your stickies btw before I posted here. I just wanted to double check it again.

One other question, Should i get my prostate checked with a computer? Im located in London , Ont.

At your age, there is no reason to expect any prostate issues, no need to screen. With a computer? That really does not make any sense at all. Done with a gloved finger [DRE].

I lived there for many years. I do not hear of anything good happening with TRT in Ontario.

Are you exposed to chemicals, fumes etc?

I called the doctor up. He said long term studies on the effects of arimidex are not known. He also said hcg isnt usually used in patients like myself. Also we talked and he said that 100mg split into 1-2 doses a week will cause estrogen lvls to rise faster. We settled on 150mg every 2 weeks for 3 months to test to if that dose is right for me.

He said he put me on a lower dose than he thought I needed to figure out what dosage I need and that 150mg every 2 weeks will lower the chance of estrogen rising. He also said that i am bascially doing a 6 month test to see if i actually even need testosterone and if my depression / axiety / low energy is related to my testosterone lvls because I am not super low but just under the normal lvls.

So to sum this up I may or may not be continuing TRT after 6 months and we are trying to figure out my dose. I asked him about my LH and FSH lvls and they were tested and are fine and my thyroid lvls are fine and in check. He said i didnt need my prostate checked because its ppl usually over 50.

I am thinking I may just get it checked anyways using a computer. Cant hurt and its covered by canadian healthcare.

Im not exposted to chemicals or fumes or anything like that.

Doc is an idiot.

Hey pugger, for what it’s worth, I’m located in London, Ontario as well. My doc has prescribed Androgel 1% for me and I’m only getting a partial response from it. My doc doesn’t seem to have a lot of training in hormone replacement issues or endocrinology.

Don’t even bother with that dose… By the end of the second week your T levels will be worse then when u started… And it is at that point your E will raise… Doc is an idiot. I’m on 150 weekly and still feel like shit so just don’t even bother… Try and find out why ur T is low.