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Starting TRT without Doctor's Prescription

Im starting TRT and welcome any helpful advice, I dont have a doctors prescription there terrible here in spain and tell me its fine nothing wrong with my 80 years old shbg!
And my low free Testosterone
Im 28 and should have much higher free T and lower SHBG
My SHBG Is high 65nmol/L and this is the reason for my low free Testosterone,
Iv been trying to battle with out going on TRT but its not looking good or healthy,
I recently been suffering with inflammation in my gut and all the other low T symptoms,
I watched a video on YouTube with @dbossa
And Dr. Lichten about all inflammation problems the gut especially and how low free androgens [ testosterone] cause all of these inflammation problems,
2 years ago I never had all these health issues and Im sure the low testosterone is a big factor,

Start at 150-175mg/week T Cypionate or Enanthate. Go in with the expectation that you may not feel amazing the first 2 months. Don’t change anything during this time. That’s all you need to know for the first few months.


Ok I was thinking to start at 200mg per week as the shbg is so high,

I had gut issues with low testosterone, in fact soft stools and even diarrhea, once TRT is initiated within days stools harden. Also the constant low grade cough diminishes as well.

This might be a little high, you’ll probably be closer to 150mg.

Thats good to hear you felt better after,
Until you get a real stomach problem you don’t realize how serious it is,

I cant wait to get better now

I was forced to stop TRT again do to urination issues, TRT is completely stopping urination and even no urge to urinate. I went right back to soft stools and if I’m off TRT long enough it will be back to diarrhea.

Your SHBG isn’t crazy high and will drop to around 40 on TRT. Whatever you start at don’t mess with it for 8 weeks.

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Ok perfect Maybe il do 175mg per week to start

I didn’t understand you had to stop TRT because urination issue,
But then urination stopped on TRT ?

I have around 10 bottles of ugl test enanthate here as was thinking to use them to start,

Im sure its real as I used it a year ago for cycle, but I hope its doesd correctly so I know the correct amount that works for my therapy
Its from a highly rated company

Do you think dose split twice a week will be good for me ?

175mg would be a good place to start. Of the guys doing underground TRT, probably 85-90% of the take 200mg injections once a week. I know no one taking less than 150mg. Most notice something in two to three weeks. Expect increased energy by then and if you do not have a girlfriend, start looking now. Good luck.

Yeah I think Il definitely feel something after 2 weeks around the same time as when Iv done cycles, Im married so all good in that department :wink:
Hopefully after week 4 or 5 I wont feel that big dip I hear some go through

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Start at 100mg a week and go up from there, most ugl is overdosed and you want to assess sides on your way up.

You think so? Of those I know who eventually decided to get blood tests, it was more likely their levels would be lower than expected than higher.

Good, hopefully she’s on board. Sometimes, the wife pushes her husband to look into TRT, only to end up going on herself in three or four months so she can keep up. These are typically couples in their 40s though.

I was thinking the same,
There always trying to save money,
I havent really heard of overdosed gear,
The stuff that I have is from a top lab and has been tested by people to be correct dosed,
But that still could be made up,

I done some of it last year around 350mg If I remember correctly and waited 1 week to get tested and my levels come back at 1450 Aprox

Generally, the lower your testosterone was to start, the less likely it is that will happen. It’s not like there was all that much to shut down.

Yeah my free testosterone is only 9ng/dL
Should I aim for close to 20ng/dL ?

Correct, TRT shuts down urination. There is an underlying problem that isn’t related to TRT.

Hormones creates more waste for the body to remove and I was already having problems pre-TRT.