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Starting TRT - What Should I Expect ?


I am 24 years old. I have been experiencing fatigue, weakness, muscle wasting, suppressed appetite, zero libido, zero spontaneous erections, weak knees/joints and extreme brain fog for the past 15 months. I am not depressed or anxious nor have ever been but these problems have definitely lowered my self esteem/confidence in every facet of life.

I do not drink alcohol, use tobacco, smoke pot, or use drugs. I have been an active guy my whole life in terms of sports and been well built even without a routine gym regimen. I have been able to put on muscle very easily when working out and never had problems with strength either from gains from the gym or naturally until the past 15 months. Now even a standard workout will leave me recovering for a week plus. I got full bloodwork done 6 months ago and my testorone levels were In the low normal range so there was no dignosis.

My symptoms got worse and I recently got bloodwork done which came back showing a different story:
Free testosterone (direct): 6.2
Testosterone (serum): 163
Estradiol: 15.9

My primary care doctor thought these results were enough reason to start me on testosterone cyponate injections 100mg/ml biweekly. I have yet to start the shots, but I have been pretty desperate in terms of feeling like my old self and she told me that this could be the root of my problems. I am not one to look for a solution to my problems in a pill or remedy but am very much leaning towards starting treatment. My question is why was she so quick to go on TRT treatment route after one blood test and not try to find the underlying cause? Should I be skeptical to go ahead with her decision without ruling out what may have made the levels this low in the first place? If I do start on the shots will testosterone cyponate injections 100mg/ml biweekly be the right way going about starting treatment? Should I feel comfortable doing this treatment with my pcp instead of a specialist such as an endocrinologist or urologist?


Hey bro u r patel:-)
Don’t jump to TRT m 26 and suffering from same symptoms find out root cause in my opinion TRT can be started at any age so don’t jump so fast on it. My total T once was 179 but before it I used some Indian herbs to treat libido and erections issue so endo told me that I have used them so they have become lower. I waited for one month increase diet intake and multivitamin my total T came in 550 plus range for next two months. In third month total T came out 648 and 820 on two different days.ask Ksman for advice he is genius.


Yes, you need to find the reason and address that. At your age, simply covering up the symptom [low T] is stupid, but typical.

You must test LH/FSH before TRT. You can’t get that info later as TRT takes LH/FSH–>0
If LH/FSH are low, you have secondary hypogonadism, if high, your testes are not working.

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prolactin !!
IGF-1 [suspecting that LH/FSH are low, IGF-1 will indicate if another pituitary hormone, GH is also low]