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Starting TRT, Timing to Get First Blood Labs Done?

Good Morning Everybody Im New At This Site! I Was On Trt For Over 2 and half yrs! Went of this last sept for health reasons which i thought was a good to do! But it wasent! I just went back on my T and its 2 months now! Also added my Hcg about a 1 month ago! But No Arimadex yet!! Im Going to my doc next wk for the first time to get my Labs done! How many days from my last injection when getting my blood Drawn is it 7 or 8th days from my last injection? Please if anybody can help please chimm in thank you

Most do on trough day - which means day of injection. So if you are injecting today you would get labs before your injection today.
Just be consistent.

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thank you but what im asking is it the 7th day or 8th day to get labs some people said if i inject today get my labs done on the 8th day or is it 7 days please advise first labs since being on trt for the last 2 months and hcg for a month please avise thank you