Starting TRT Test E 250 Pan Pharma

Hi just started trt through a clinic in uk. Been given - test e 250.
Doc wants me to start at 0.15ml 3 x per week. See how I go then up if needed.

How much is 0.15ml in mg of test e ? Would I be right in thinking it would put me at 112.5 mg per week ?

Yes sir

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Sounds like a good plan. Without seeing your labs I would say it’s a very appropriate path.

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Thanks for the reply

Labs are -

41.4 - 159 R

80 pmol/l

8.64 - 29 R


0.2 - 0.62 R

24 - 104 R

86 - 324 R

213 mu/L

Serum progesterone level 0.7 mol/L

2.41 - 11.6 R

7.4 umol/L

35 - 50 R

44 g/L

18.3 - 54.1 R

23 nmol/L

Which clinic is this out of interest?

Seems a bit overkill injecting 3x per week on test e. Can’t halm, but pinning 3x a week becomes a chore in my opinion.

Seems like a sensible/conservative starting point.

Good luck

You think 3x weekly is a bit much, try daily injections.

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Yeah- anything more than twice a week for me starts to become a negative.

Ive moved to e4d not e3d (same quantities per day), to reduce the faff.

I can feel the peak and trough slightly more but its all a balancing act for what works for you.

I’d still suggest 3x weekly is a bit ovekill as a starting point if using test e or test c.

Hi , I get it might feel like it’s a bit of a chore but once the ampoules are loaded into a vial it’s not to much work. Also from what I’ve read the more frequent dose leads to less aromatisation…

Yeah don’t get me wrong. It has benefits

Just can be a bit of a life bind if travelling etc.

Give it a go- get dialled in, then in future you can always experiment if you think its a pain in the ass.

What clinic is it out of interest? They sound like they’re starting at a very sensible point

Really doesn’t bother me but then again I’ve only just started !

I am having trouble when drawing the test from the vial with a 27g insulin needle I keep getting tiny air bubbles not matter what I do !

I’m with the Leger clinic they are very good.

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After drawing and once pulled out from vial stopper, pull more air into syringe and then push all excess out until the oil beads on the needle head. Any very tiny bubble left won’t matter anyway as this is an IM injection.


Thanks Blshaw. I will give that a go, also getting small bubbles at the bottom near plunger that won’t go up …

Sorry did you manage to look at my bloods ? You seem like a good person to get any extra info / help I can :smile:

Yes. Low T/FT and your SHBG is at a good level as to not likely require a real high dose. I like the 3x a week protocol since you are at the lower end of SHBG but 2x is likely enough if you want to discuss it with you doc. I think you’re on the right path and you doc seems to have you on the right plan to start.


Thanks for your advice Blshaw much appreciated. Never knew my shbg was on the lower side but always good to know.

I mean not anything to think twice about. I was more so looking to make sure it wasn’t sky high. Your level is perfectly fine.

Oh ok noted. Thank you.