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Starting TRT. Question on Semorelin

I’m starting TRT next week. I’ll be using Test Cyponate injection, followed by a Anastrozole pill, and HCG injections. I also added B12 shots.

My doctor also offers Semorelin but I decided not to get it at to start and was hoping the forum could answer some specifics on Semorelin.

  1. I believe fro my doc the Semorelin is $150 but online I can buy it for much less. Is the quality potentially lower from an online source? Are some online sources comparible from what a TRT doc could offer? Why do the bottles online say “not for human consumption”? Is this legal to order? I’m not into doing illegal things.

  2. My goals are to generally feel better (get rid of Low T symptoms) but also to add muscle. If my training, diet, and rest are in order, how much does Semorelin help build muscle? Is it better than testosterone?

  3. Anything else I should know about Semorelin? I’m reading anything I can find online.

Thank you