Starting TRT Over Soon

Given your TT / fT your result makes sense / just indicates your E2 was below the measurement range for the assay.

The more sensitive lower detection limit E2 assay (lcms or sensitive) is termed pediatric at some labs.

This is quite tricky. How to find a dose that works well but doesn’t affect your life negatively in other areas.

Your overall dosing is modest on paper but perhaps you could speak with your provider about continuing on with just AM dose.

Yes, if you inject everyday with test ester you would dampen the peak/trough but you would have to be careful with your mean levels since you appear quite sensitive to elevated TT/fT in the evening.

If you inject test ester once a week you are going to have a few days (including evenings) where your levels are higher and days/evenings where they are lower. My suspicion is judicious use of a fast acting option with just AM dose may strike the right balance for you. Also speak with your doc about just morning application with nasal gel (very short half life).

Thank you very much for the explanation. That is what the urologist said that maybe the long acting options are not good for me. It would have been nice to know what my evening levels were naturally at too.

Kind of a dumb question but fast acting would mean that in the evening it would be quite low. Maybe that is what works for me though.

Any opinion on the different types or is testosterone all the same in a sense? Side effects pretty much universial?

Yes a fast acting formulation applied in the morning would mean low levels in the evening. Check out this thread:

A very fast acting formulation pulsed once or maybe twice daily may also have minimal negative feedback on your HPTA or let you keep some function.


Creams, troches, and gels would all be testosterone in a base/solvent.

The testosterone ester injectables would be testosterone esterified with a fatty acid to create a time release formula.

So side effects would have to do with the pharmacokinetics (how the testosterone is metabolized and processed by the body). The different routes of administration allow one to control how much your blood levels rise and the peak / trough / duty cycle of the pulses.

Compare plot above (nasal gel) vs plot below (scrotal cream):

A PM dose of the cream applied on skin is going to be with you for a while and into the evening. Nasal gel would be in and out in a few hours.

Also come back here:

Which one of these guys are more like you now or back in the day in terms of diurnal variation? Interesting to ponder…




There’s most likely a faster way to pulse the cream you are using but it’s a little out there!

Do you even have a life? You spent all your time on here. You keep arguing with someone who actually practices and has real world experience

You have a shit ton of charts and bullshit that you cannot compare and contrast against reality.

Give it a rest dude. You are a cluster F of masterful proportions.

Honestly I appreciate the effort @tareload puts into his posts. Probably not as much as I should either. The information out there is extremely convoluted and often inaccurate, but I think he’s been consistent in his messaging and sharing of information that one likely wouldn’t find otherwise.

Going out of your way to talk shit about him shows more about you than it does him.


As I have said many times, any one is free to challenge and point out the BS in any of my posts. If you or others find some please share. I don’t prop up my arguments with any credentials or appeal to authority. You don’t know what I do in the real world. And it doesn’t matter. Folks will have to judge the applicability and validity of the information I present based on content only.


Who are you to dismiss his charts and research?

You state your ideas and opinions and let others do the same.


I appreciate his attention to detail and willingness to engage people trying to figure this all out.

Well, the cream for some reason is causing me to wake up at night and sweat. If I am in the sun or try and work ouit in the evening I am tired but end up sweating for houirs and can’t get back to sleep. I have no idea what is going on. Recent blood test indicates all low numbers still but I feel better than before but sleep worse. So damn frustrating.

I am considering Defy Medical and see what they think and may try to do every day or EOD injections.

Just don’t know if bioidentical creams are the best and can deliver a steady dose.

You obviously are a guy who has zero clinical experience and are not a MD. You would not be sharing the nonsense you do, which is not reality of an MD. You are solely focused on graphs and shit… zero clinical exp.

I know what i am doing. I take a dose that works for me and i feel great. Zero problems, but you say my dose will kill me and i don’t need it.

@enackers Glad to hear your protocol is working for you. I wish you health.

EDIT: awesome, looks like I can still get posts approved if I don’t include too many details or links. I’ll keep that in mind. Maybe I’ll start “chatting” like many others on here. :-).

Pretty much what you do when people take AI in their protocol.

That is not even close to what i do. I actually explain the benefits of estrogen and why nobody with that knowledge at hand would ever want to consider an AI.

Obviously you guys miss the point.

You are blocking a hormone that is cardio protective, produces libido and many other benefits in the body that will give you health and satisfaction in life.

Very few men will ever need an AI. The problem is that most of these younger crowd are senstiive to every single ache and pain. Literal snow flakes. Even when they discuss a topic, they cannot hold it together and try to understand what im saying. They pull together a huge case of confirmation bias and say “see you are wrong”, but never stop to realize that the majority do not take an AI today and are fine. Thats what you are doing.

But no. your emotions will over run your logic and not realize the truth behind what im saying.

You are always blaming E for everything, but cannot ever realize that maybe its not the E.

Simple statement: take an ai and put yourself at risk for a heart attack and poor health in every sector of your health.

How many people have stopped an ai and said “i didnt know i could feel this good on trt”… about a dozen ive talked to. How many stopped an AI, after thinking they needed it, and actualy got off it and said “my blood pressure dropped, my heart rate dropped, cholestoral dropped, and libido is back”.

Maybe you are that guy who is that rare occurrence, but i am not speaking to you. Im speaking to the majority of men who will never need an AI, but are led to belive its something they need.

Those new comers are my focus. I want them to find the health they deserve, and not years of aches and pains due to some idiot telling them to mix an AI with their TRT.

That’s because they are growing up in a more toxic environment that the older crowd. My sister ran a daycare for over 20 years and began to notice her kids had severe food allergies unlike decades early and no two kids could eat the same food.

The days of feeding the kids the same meals are over.

Ever notice how the men 50> seem to not have troubles with TRT and dial in the easiest?

As for the AI argument, AI’s are bad for most men, to what degree is individual, but sure some can get away with using them. The dangers long term isn’t good and anyone taking them is at risk.

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I see no difference.

Because you are blinded by your bias and cannot remove your emotions from the way you feel. It’s as simple as that, and until you can remove that bias, you will never realize the truth behind the science. You will run around telling everyone you are right, because you have a personal experience that says so VERSUS the facts of the matter.

Estrogen is the most beneficial hormone for our wellness and women even more so.

Enjoy… let me know in 1 or couple years how that mental state, bone density, heart health, sexual health and overall CV health is doing.

100% stand with you on that brother. I agree, the risks are too high for men who take an AI. They are playing with their mental and physical health and wellness.

I am glad i figured this out years ago.