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Starting TRT+HCG. Adjusting Starting Dose?

Hi everyone,

I’ve decided to try TRT to see if it improves my quality of life. I will be getting T and HCG from UGL.

My numbers are:

Total T - 17.8nmol/L which is ~500ng/dl (range 8.6-29.0)
Free T - 447 (range 200-620)
SHBG - 21 (range 18.3-54.1)
Estradiol - 116 (range 55-165)

Age 30
Weight 220lbs (quite a bit of fat)

I would appreciate some advices on my protocol.
I want my numbers to be near the top range (1000-1100).
What would be a good dose to start considering my bodyweight?
How much HCG should i use to stay fertile?
And finally, should i take an AI or should i wait until my first blood test is done after a month or so?

You have decent free T levels. Are you sure you wanna start on TRT for life, rather than lose some fat, and improve sleep and diet? You can also try a mini dosage of AI monotherapy, as negative feedback on the HPTA axis is mainly due to estrogen.

If you are mildly overweight, like you imply, you can try adding an AI to your TRT protocol if you feel symptoms. Another way to combat symptoms is to inject twice per week instead of once. In that case, you should start gently, as many people are VERY responsive to AIs.

There aren’t any catch-all answers to your questions. You have low SHBG values, which will drop further if you start TRT. You will therefore probably have very decent free test levels on 150 mg per week.

What are you looking for? TRT can help people suffering but isn’t a panacea. I would suggest trying to drop some fat through exercise and caloric defecit, focusing on 8 hours sleep a night, and managing stress, minimizing alcohol intake. If you’re at 500TT and aren’t doing your best to maximize your results you have a lot of room to grow.

Can’t add much to the prior posts. T levels do not seem to be the root of your issues. One exception though, is that I would not consider any type of AI. It will probably just mess you up more. They are extremely difficult to dose while on TRT, even more so when your E2 is in a healthy range already.