Starting TRT: Getting Dialled In

How long did it take for you to feel trt start working? Was it hard to get dialled in ? I know after a month Doc wants to check etc

I just started test E Friday doing my 3rd jab today as doing 3 x times per week.
Kinda of feel a bit moody. Not sure if my natural low T has lowered more already and the Trt what with being Enathate and half life etc might be taking a while …
probably quite normal to feel a little flat before it builds up ?

Some take a week or two, some a month or two, some never feel it. For me, it was in the first week or two.

It can be. Some will frontload their TRT (STRONG emphasis on ‘some’) where the first week is roughly 150% normal dosage, 2nd week is 120% normal dosage, 3rd week is back to normal weekly dose. This tends to help it build up faster, but probably isn’t approved by your provider.

A month after dosing is a bit early to be getting a followup as your test hasn’t yet built up to the level it will be at when fully ‘on’ TRT. Around week 8, test levels should be similar to what they will be consistently afterwards. You may find that you ‘feel’ it around then… maybe sooner, maybe later.

Sorry for the non-answer, just give it time.


This will be different for everyone, genes and current health problems determine how fast one responds to androgens. Some men are having hour long sex with their wife after the first shot, others take several months or years to get to that point.

There’s a lot going on under the surface when starting out on TRT, natural production is stacked on top of exogenous T and at the same time natural production is shutting down.

An hour long sex after 1 shot ! That would 100 precent be a placebo effect. Unless they are injecting propionate.
I agree your point everyone is very different just trying to establish the most common trend … a lot of people say they normally feel it around 2-3 weeks if estrogen and all else is normal.

Everyone gets about the same benefits from trt, but they don’t get them at similar times.

Be patient. You’ll see.

I disagree that it’s only a placebo, if gene CAG repeats are short enough, a little T goes a long way. Also when T is low, the body creates more T receptors, and as anyone who been on TRT knows, the TRT honeymoon period happens because of the high number of receptors in the body.

When the body is low in iron, a similar thing happens.

This isn’t even remotely true. Some men get only partial benefits while some get none and others are worse off on TRT because their body can’t handle androgens due to underlining medical conditions that exacerbate those medical conditions.

The time-course of the spectrum of effects of testosterone shows considerable variation, probably related to pharmacodynamics of the testosterone preparation. Genomic and non-genomic effects, androgen receptor polymorphism and intracellular steroid metabolism further contribute to such diversity.

Within this group, experts attribute benefit of treatment to modulation of the androgen receptor, mediated by genetic polymorphisms in exon one of the androgen receptor gene in the form of increased cysteine adenosine guanine (CAG) repeats. Certain data have shown increased CAG repeats are associated with decreased sensitivity in the receptor to testosterone


Oh yeah, certainly a placebo. How long after that first shot? If talking two or three days, maybe. Testosterone is long acting, not fast acting. Maybe within hours of injecting suspension (aqueous), but not the esters though.

I’ve heard guys reporting rage within minutes of injecting. Hilarious.

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Just coming up to 4 years on TRT with no benefits yet… its an interesting treatment…