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Starting TRT Dosing Questions

I’m starting TRT. I’m in my 2nd week. I was prescribed 300cc of Test CYP with 1ml of B12 added to same injection. With anastrozole 1mg 12 hours after injection once a week.
So here is my questions.

  1. I want to do biweekly injections. Figured every 4th day. To build up test faster, prevent mood swings and up downs in levels. Thoughts?
  2. Havent started taking the anastrozole. How important is it to start? Can I take this biweekly also?
  3. Mixing CYP and B12 created soreness at injection site. Can I take this with an insulin needle in other locations and dose it have to be an intermusclar injection?

Anastrozole kinda scares the crap out of me. Knowing its manly for breast cancer.

Read up. All of your answers could be answered by reading any 2 of 3 threads here. It’s in your best interest to read other folks experiences so when you run into similar situations you don’t over correct.

  1. Do it but do every 3.5 days
  2. Don’t take it
  3. Yes you can use an insulin syringe doing IM shots in the lateral deltoid muscle.

300mg is likely way too high. You’d be better off at 200mg/week. 300mg is not enough to get you any more jacked than 200mg but will come with extra crap you have to deal with especially in the beginning.

Nothing wrong with that, however it will not “build up” any faster. The majority of men are taking testosterone use once weekly dosing without any problems. However, 300mg is a lot and rarely would anyone need that much. Most take 150-200mg once weekly.

I would not start with it and would avoid it if at all possible.

That is because you’re putting 2.5mL in there. It can be mixed (we often made the “parfait”, stanozolol, B12 and testosterone) but the larger volume injections are likely to be more painful. An inch and a half needle would be better if using that many mL in one syringe.

Agreed…I’m on 200 a week and my total T is 1200. Ramped my to 200 over the past two years or so. 300 is way to high, especially to begin with.

Try taking DIM instead of an Anastrozole if you’re worried about estrogen levels.

This is mosty he B12. It helps to inject super super slow, it’s better to not have it all mixed together. But, it is what it is. Push the plunger stupid slow, avoid the anastrozole (Especially until several weeks have gone by to dteremine how you react to the test without it)

I gave up 1/2mg Anastrozole weekly (on 200mg test weekly), 2 weeks ago based on what Ive read here. Like always, here comes the fluid retention and decreased libido. Hoping my body will adjust after a few weeks.

Youre going to find out that for some of us, TRT is a micro balancing act that is hard as hell to balance. Ive been trying for almost 3 years. One size does not fit all. Trial and error is the norm for many.

Thank you guys for all the information. I’ve taken all of your guys advice. I took .5 ml Cyp. Which I will continue biweekly until next labs. The B12 was a lot easier in an insulin syringe. And will not be touching the Anastrozole unless needed. Which I’ll have to do more research to find out what tall tail signs of elevated estrogen symptoms could be. Thanks again

Test Cypionate 200mg/mL dose prescribed is 1.5 mL per week

Your testosterone will not build up faster, testosterone cypionate has a half-life of 7-8 days multiplied by x5 equals 40 days until levels are stable.

If you take that 1mg AI you’ll just might be back here wondering WTF is happening while I explain to you it may take weeks, maybe months to recover from screwed up joints, anxiety and maybe hypochondria as your mind is deprived of estrogen.

Most men don’t need anastrozole, they need to optimize their protocol to balance the hormones. I would post all pre-TRT labs.

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About 10 months ago I started TRT. My doc and I have dialed in a steady regimen that works for me. Its taken several blood tests and some dosage manipulation, but I’ve never felt better. Labs are pretty good. I’m all around very happy with TRT and so is my wife.
But this Covid virus (I’ll leave my opinion out) has recently forced me to relocate for work to Southern California from the Midwest.
Now I’m completely lost. Am I stuck searching for a Doctor that will hopefully keep me on my routine? Will I be forced to be someones lab rat? Is there an easier way of finding a doctor? Or do I just fly back to the Midwest every 3 to 6 months to do labs, if they’ll keep me as a patient.
I’m just venting and kind of hoping for either help or even a little guidance.

If all they want is labs, can you not just go to a local labcorp or quest? They have facilities all over the place and will send the results to your doc. My doc is in Florida and I’m in NC.

Worst case you can always use a telemedicine clinic, many would be happy to help I’m sure. Defy Medical is what I use. @dextermorgan has one he uses that I think charges $150 a month to mail you everything you need, so you could email him if you are interested in that option as well. Since you already know what you need, that makes it pretty easy.

My point is, there are options, so don’t get too worried about it.

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Thanks. Definitely a few options I didn’t think about. Appreciate the help and info.

Should not need to do that.

I have many patients in California. Specific telemedicine laws are changing, however previously the law required an in person visit prior to moving to telemedicine. Since you are established in your current doctor’s practice, seen in person, there is no issue managing you via telemedicine. You should be able to continue, unless the doctor has a problem with it or maybe the particular state laws do not allow it.

We have patients from as many as 10-15 states, we order labs and then they fly in for the initial consult and exam in person. After that, follow up labs are ordered where ever they are and discussed over the phone.