Starting TRT but Worried About Fertility

I have read other peoples posts about fertility after trt and have found useful information but hoping for some opinions with my case.

I have just started trt for mental health / well being inprovements so got a full blood panel done and also done a sperm test which i assumed would come back at a good level. I would like to have kids in a year or two, the sperm test came back with very low motility and a below average sperm count. If i continue trt im wondering if the benefits are worth the risk of decreasing fertility or is there a good option to keep fertility safe while on 0.5ml test enanthate.

Any help appreciated.

Yes. TRT with HCG.

Or HCG mono therapy.

Who prescribed you TRT for mental well-being? It is prescribed for hypogonadism.

Thanks i will have a look in to them. I didnt get prescribed from a doctor as we dont have clinics the same in the uk, i got my bloods done and wanted to give test a go due to how ive been feeling the past few years as well as being recommended by a coach who studies these subjects as well as takes it for similar reasons.


We have a very indepth article about this topic coming out soon. If you’re a T Nation+ member, you can check it out now:

If not, we’ll publish it in a couple of weeks for everyone.

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What was your T value? Are you hyogonadal?

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I haven’t read the t plus article yet, but my take would be to have your baby first, then get on trt. I’m sure you can manage a shutdown with hcg but highly doubt it’s foolproof or optimal.

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Im not hypogonadal, i was told my free T wasnt great and boosting my test levels would help with how ive been feeling along with benefits in the gym.

Seems like a smart way to do it, i guess its easy to get drawn in to the benefits while feeling low but wanted to check what options i have before making a decision.