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Starting TRT and Need Advice on Cruising Then Blasting

I have started a new thread as now it appears I do have Low T and need to finalise my protocol along with my first blast. I could really use some help.

I had a male hormone finger prick test done recently at 8pm.

My results showed Low T:

This translates to:
Free T of 6.28 ng/dL
Total T of 461 ng/dL

Important Notes:

  • This test was done at 8pm
  • No exercise had been done for 48hrs
  • No ejaculation for 48hrs
  • I had been on a calorie deficit for the last 8 weeks at 2200 calories
  • I have been consistently lifting 3 times per week and doing Bjj 4 times per week. This has been very hard to recover from and I was feeling more and more warn out.

My Physical Info:


Training History:
I have been training hard for 5 years. 2 years cutting from 288lbs to 178lbs then bulking back up. I know a really overdid the calories on the bulk, lesson learned.

103kg (227lbs) and I started the year at 110kg (242.5lbs)

Approx 20%

Lifts (I feel I have lost a significant amount with only a lattice weight loss):
100kg x12 or 1x125kg (used to be 137.5kg before I started cutting)

140kg x 1 (used to be 155kg)

140x4 (deadlift hurts my back and keeps giving me injuries, even when supervised by a coach or high level PT, so my numbers aren’t good).

10% BF at 93kg (205lbs) to 98kg (216lbs)

I want to look very athletic but not unnatural. More physique/athlete and less Pro BB.

I want to minimise sides while achieving my goals.

TRT Options:
I have consulted with Balance My Hormones and below are the options available to me as I said I don’t want use a cream (Dosages to be confirmed by my Doctor Consultation in a couple weeks but indicative levels are below)

125mg every 5 days or 175mg every 7 days
With high SHBG 7 days is preferred
Around £100 £120 per month

Test Enanthate:
175mg per week but might be higher with my higher with my SHBG
£150 per month

Test Propionate:
(Rarely used but available)
100mg every 3 days
£unknown but most expensive

£75 per month

Please note price is not a concern

She also indicated my free test should be between 0.5 and 1 which is 2X to 4x my free test result.

I might need an estrogen blocker as my estrogen levels are on high side of normal.

Questions Please:

  1. Of the options above what is regarded as the best test option for consistent and steady T levels?
  2. Do any of the above Test options lend themselves better to a blast and cruise regime down the line?
  3. It is my understanding some people successfully blast with as little as 200mg/250mg a week. Is this correct and does this mean I only need a little bit extra to blast considering my goals?
  4. Is there a supplement/compound that reduces SHBG and is it relatively safe?
  5. For a mild/medium blast would one just up the test or add in something Anavar? How much should be added for the best ratio of results vs sides?

My short term plan is to continue to drop a further 5kg to 7kg while stabilising my TRT protocol. Then start a little blast.

Thank you for the help and advice.

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