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Starting TRT and Feel Like My Dose is Not Worth the Trouble

I have been lifting solid for 2yrs, 5days a week. I work as a semi driver and unload my own truck. So I am by no means lazy. After my co driver was told he had low testosterone, I figured I would get mine checked. To come to find out my 1st time I came back a 240 from a scale of 175-900. He said it was techinally normal. So I questioned him on the wide range, and I was on the low end. Did no good. So I decided to get a second opinion, and he retested me. And I came back at 366. He offered me a treatment plan of 200mg cyp once a month. I know this is quite low dose, and TRT is for life. So I have my vail of 200mg/1cc, have not taken yet. I researched and this might make me good for like a week and i will be miserable the rest of the month since my production is shutoff? I retest in 6wk, but that will be halfway into a dose. So my levels might comeback normal for then, and be screwed the rest of the month right? Can I just not take it and restest at the same level as before, in hopes of a better treatment? Will labs show that I have taking it? My goal is at least 150mg 2x week right? Thanks for listening…

Time to seek a new doctor. That treatment will not do anything good for you.

Good luck on your journey of TRT.

The main thing you need to know is that testosterone c has a half-life of 8 days. So any Doctor who would give you once a month shots is a quack. I wouldn’t trust my dog in his care.
Primarily going to need anew doctor. In the meantime read this groups stickies

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Read the stickies so that you can narrow down your questions. The most beneficial information regarding TRT is all available at the top of the forums.

You have lots and lots of research/reading to do.

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OMG, I originally started out on 200mg every 3 weeks and it was pure hell, after awhile I started noticing how my doctor wouldn’t make any changes to a protocol that was miserable, it’s because he didn’t know what the fuck he was doing and was afraid to do anything other than what the guideline suggested for fear of doing the wrong thing and getting in trouble.

This is your situation, your doctor has no idea what the hell he’s doing. Never seen ranges go that low, ranges mean nothing. It’s hard to recommend anything without labs, typically 50mg twice weekly works well for the majority of guys.

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I havent started it yet…do you think I should wait till I retest in 6weeks, that way he might switch my dose?

bro, your doc is clueless. The fact that he offered you 200mg a month shows that he has NO idea what he is doing. Waiting 6 weeks isn’t going to educate your doctor.

but YOU should educate yourself.

I thought test C had a half life of 5 days and test E 4.5-5 days?

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What dose are you on now and what level does it get you to?

My info is from a google search. So I won’t bet my life on it. But there is no way injections should even be spaced at the half life. Let along waiting until your testosterone levels hit zero.

Seriously don’t start. That dose is a lot of testosterone in a single shot. Your levels will spike high. You might feel great for the frist week. Your estrogen levels will slowly start to climb as your testosterone level start to fall off. Shortly there after you will have lower testosterone levels than you ever have had before with high estrogen levels. You will not like how you feel

Ok thats what i thought!!!

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Have not started he wants 200mg once month

You have about two weeks worth injected twice a week. Everybody’s different in my case that would be one weeks worth inject it in two doses.

Try an alternative life style avoid plastics, avoid processed, food chemical product such as shampoos those are known to increase estrogen and inhibit natural tesasterone and if you have exess body fat do intermittent fasting.and if all possible eliminated animal products from your diet as they are know to increase estrogen as well just my 2 cent .