Starting TRT, Ampoules?

Yes, i was also planning on using on SOS basis as i wait for potential changes in this new anxiety mode since starting TRT. Always been drug free, and i’m wary of adding drugs.

For Adrenals, are there any labs i could do to understand if it’s being caused by other hormonal issues? It’s not often that people complain of anxiety even after 3 weeks in on TRT. Need to see positive effects soon to calm myself down as well.

I’m just at the end of my week three and I feel you. I think my greater anxiety is caused by nothing happening yet. Hoping to feel better soon. I have a script for Clonazepam and it does work but doesn’t really knock me out. I feel pretty much normal just calm. Its really a use as needed type drug and it can get addictive but it takes a lot of use for that. If you get a big bout of anxiety, it will help a lot at that moment it just wears off after about four hours.

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My concern with anxiety and gut is that there can be a histamine release that triggers gut distress, that increased the panic. And non of this may apply to you. You could try an antihistamine to see if that does or does not help and have some understanding if histamine issues are part of your situation. Benadryl can make one sleepy, so that confused the situation as it then has some sedating effects as it crosses the blood-brain barrier. Non drowsy antihistamines do not do that.

Heart burn: Do not know what to say. Has TRT changed your appetite or hungers?

Maybe after trying Clonazepam and seeing now it works, and having that with you will have some calming effect knowing that you can get out of trouble if needed.

Really comforting to see i am not alone. I think the anxiety is caused by my over analysis over all this situation and that i am yet to feel any better and TRT was absolutely one of the biggest decisions i have made in my life being so young but problems are obvious and if i feel better tomorrow for example, i think all my anxieties will go away. I was worried about the Clonazepam for the addictive effects, but doctor was positive that there’s no reason to worry about it as it’s not regular use and relatively low dose. Hope you and i feel better soon and start afresh and not be so concerned about these issues anymore. The feeling i have is exactly what i used to have before my finals at Uni, and this situation is more if not more stressful, so it’s likely that and should fade away.

@KSman Don’t think i have had any panic attacks and gut issues in conjunction before, does TRT trigger this? If not, don’t think it’s that. Heart burn occurred 2 days after 1st shot but subsided.

Appetite has gone a wee bit down, associated with the anxiety that i have been having. Like what i posted above, when under stressful situations and having this type of anxiety, my appetite goes down but recovers in some time. Hope it will be the case again. I will try to keep Clonazepam usage as low as possible. 0.25mg if/when anxiety is too high to handle. Hoping TRT will provide some positive effects soon so that anxiety is not high again.

What protocol are you on now? You were unsure about TRT when we last interacted on your thread. Be sure to get blood work done soon, with high SHBG, FT levels are no certain to be high so we need to be sure.

The doc started me slightly higher on dose due to SHBG. I am on 140mg/wk test cyp. I take it on day one which is Sunday for me. On days 5 and 7 I take 400iu of HCG to avoid testicular atrophy. Each night I take a custom compounded anti-e pill which consists of anas/dim/prog in dosages of .15/300/30mg respectively. I am getting blood work done after six weeks for adjustment considerations.

I had pituitary MRI, thyroid scans, multiple labs and saw three specialist that ranged from responses of ‘you’re normal’, ‘try gel’, ‘I would put you on TRT after pituatary’ etc. I really don’t want to be on this at my age (34) but I figure I would rather be happy even if it causes issues than live longer sub optimal. Plus a lot of my reading says that low T causes its own issues. Anyway, here’s hoping this works!

Same, QoL has been so bad that i don’t mind anything that helps me improve. TRT is not risky long term if managed responsibly so having issues at a younger age is more of a reason to do something about it rather than as a reason for not doing anything as they’re going to fall further and further. I am 25 so you can imagine how much of a decision it was for me. I decided to try for 3 months as most feel full benefits by then, with hCG keeping testes active, if i want to go off in case i am not satisfied recovery will be easier.

Split T into two doses. I do mine on Tuesday/Saturday. Do SubQ injections, pain free and easier. Don’t mind doing it at all 3 weeks in and i have also been needle shy. As you can see with my case SHBG is dropping with the standard doses and controlling E2, so you might see that with yourself and need to adjust dosing accordingly. Have you gotten morning woods now since starting? I barely had them before T but now have them regularly so that’s a sign of things working. Just haven’t felt impact on libido,mood and energy as of now.


Sorry to bother you with this again, but i asked what adrenal problems are we looking for if early stages of TRT is leading to anxiety and heavy eyes feeling? Adrenal problems scare me really. Doesn’t help that many people seem to respond well to T in 2-3 weeks and i have had only had consistent morning wood to show for it till now.

I am still hoping this is my mind/body adjusting to higher T levels again and will settle down at 4-6 week mark. I am 3 weeks in today. AM cortisol= 18.24 (6.2-19.4). I am awaiting results for PM cortisol i ordered 2 days back, was taken at 5PM.

Body temperatures vary at times, but i hit 98.6-99, 9 days out of 10 5-6 after waking up(PM). Basal temps are a bit more variable, from 97.3-97.5 on a more accurate thermometer. I think they show no problems.

I have been following bignoknow’s youtube, he’s become a viral figure for TRT. I looked back at his first videos, he made one saying how his anxiety goes through the roof after shots for the first 6 weeks, then he kept improving and improving, so here’s hoping. But i would still like more info as to what to look for in terms of potential disturbers.

Cortisol 5pm results are in- 6.29 ug/dl (2.68-10.4).

New blood work in, just keeping this thread as a log. Going for a week long holiday so got bloodwork to see how the change in AI dose is coming along with T.

TT: 1127
Calculated FT: 21.2 pg/ml (9-30)
SHBG: 49 nmol/l (13-48.4)
E2: 22.9 pg/ml (9-39.8)

Looks to be good other than I would like to see SHBG lower. But FT looks good now and E2 is good.
Slight improvements in morning wood, but no change in mood, libido energy. 4 weeks in now.

@KSman, what do you think? Everything seems good and so I’m on the right protocol. Hoping to see positive changes soon.

Do the subQ injections from the beginning have anything to do with the slower symptomatic response than usual?

Those are great numbers minus the shbg. Did you get a CBC as well? If your mood and libido don’t improve in the next month, I’d be concerned that something else is going on.

CBC was tested prior to TRT! I would be a slow responder, I doubt there could be some other issue. Thyroid is pretty good, so is cortisol. I have vascular problems in my testes, producing good LH/FSH and symptoms only match hypogonadism.

Let’s see what happens in the next month or so 6-8 weeks are when most people see a difference!

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Hang in there! I just started feeling more energetic and slight mood improvement. I’m anxious to see my blood work when it gets done late next week. No major changes yet but the energy level already makes me pleased with my decision.

I’m on a holiday to get away from the stress of this diagnostic process and I see some progress, I had stopped looking at women in a sexual way. That art versus lust that ksman describes. It’s getting better now, gives me some hope now.

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1 month and 2 days in, last 2-3 days had been a little better. Marginally more energy, better morning wood, and I was finding a lot of women in the street hot again. I had a bit of a relapse today though, hope it’s just a bump as I have not felt the expected level of benefits yet. I am still hopeful though, 1 month is not a lot of time to assess benefits and cost. Today, I have had a more depressed mood, lower energy and generally down. Don’t know what it is other than a normal process and hopefully will pass in a couple of days.

I have not been dosing hCG this week as i could not store it well enough to travel and 1 week shouldn’t be a problem.

It took a full six weeks for me to notice mood and libido changes. Stick with it.

Thanks! Just updated it as I’m keeping it as a log as well. I find it a little odd that in between starting to feel better, there’s a bit of a crash today. I won’t be judging anything before the 3 month mark or at least try not to. That’s when most benefits seem to start being regular in guys.

6 week point labs below. Have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow. Still feeling nothing from TRT though.

TT: 887
SHBG: 38.69 (14.5-48.4)
Calculated FT: 19 (9-30)
E2- 19.2 (0-39.8)
TSH: 1.8 (0.45-5.0)

Seems okay to me. Any insights ? @KSman? Could the E2 be too low? though i tested at 22.9 4 weeks back.

If I were you, I’d discuss the possibility of increasing your T dose and leaving everything else the same. Your TT and FT are good but not as high as they could be. This is just a thought, you are way more patient than I am…

I could do that, I’ll ask the doctor, but I doubt that’s the only reason. Not all Doctors put their patients on TOP of the free T range. I think I’ll try 125mg/ week and then see how I feel