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Starting TRT After a Year of Test Cycles

Hello guys.

I was on testosterone for almost a year, 500mg for 8 weeks , 250mg for another 8 weeks then another cycle of 250mg of test e.

during the time on second cycle I crashed my estrogen and overdoses on arimidex for months.
I decided to go off the testosterone 6 month ago, because I couldn’t tolerance the low e2 sides that i had.

I did my first flawed pct - which consists on 50mg of clomid a day and 1000 ui of hcg a week for 3 weeks.
and my low e2 sides did not went away and i felt like shit. on the advice of the guys in this forum i decided to go on another pct , this time I took hcg alone for 2 weeks (1000UI a week) and followed by 25mg of clomid for 3 weeks.

it’s been 2.5 months after the second pct, i still feel low e2 sides but my sex drive and my overall sense of well being is okay.
I still have low e2 ED…

here is my last blood test that I did a week ago:
Estradiol - 92 pmol/l (not senstive test - maybe is it not the real numbers.)
TSH -mIu/l2.74 range (0.5-4.8)
LH - 8iu/i - range (1-9)
Testosterone Total - 16.1 nmol/l range (6-32)
FSH - 6 IU/I ( 1.4 - 18.1)
ALT - 87U/I range ( 0- 40
AST 47 U/I. (4 - 40)

I really want to feel good again…
Im scared to go on testosterone again - I worried that I’ll have low e2 again and because I was suppreed for long time I will not convert enough t to E2.

I want to go on 33.3mg of test e EOD subq , and if my estrogen stays low for the first month on T Im thinking to add HCG 250ui e3d or 125ui eod.

Thank you very much!

Not sure what to make of your labs, no ranges and some are incomplete.

Your E2 isn’t low now (you’re most likely fine with the IA test) and your total test is not terrible. I would move forward as planned. Without the AI, E2 should respond.

By the way, I’m not saying you need to do this, but as a point of interest, I have given low dose estradiol to those who have screwed themselves up with aromatase inhibitors.

i added ranges

Also get some more thyroid testing done. TSH isn’t great.

Still in range right? Do you think thyroid is a priority concern if still within range? Good chance he feels good on a dialed in testosterone protocol alone.

Still in range…
But I’m also cutting so maybe that the reason my tsh is elevted.

Well as we all know “in-range” isn’t always great. A total T of 300 is “in-range”. Based on what I hear all the expert docs (Eric Serrano) say TSH should be close to 1 or below. It may be fine but it warrants a close look IMHO.

I’m just saying he could find symptom-relief from strictly one obvious variable, so why worry about other things until he’s exhausted that likely option? If still having problems after dialing in testosterone, then I agree.


Sorry but I dont understand what you saying.
Can you rephrase?

I agree. But if thyroid is fucked he won’t get the full benefit of TRT. Granted he will feel 80% better.

@bensontrt what are your low E2 sides (though looking at your E2 you’re not low)?

Watery sperm
Joint pain
Dry skin and hair

So are you 6 months now without anything? If not, what are you on for TRT/PCT? Are you taking other drugs? When you say you are cutting, what is your current height and weight, age, and total caloric intake for a single day?

Im off testosterone since
Pct 12/19 50mg clomid and 1000ui weekly for 3 weeks.
Felt like shit for two months
5 weeks pct, 2 weeks hcg 1000ui a week and following by 25mg of clomid.
Im off everything since 3/20.

I have low e2 symptoms.
I suspect i have high shbg and low free t and that why i have low e2…
Or my body didn’t create enough aromatse enyzme…
I am more scared from the lattee option, because if i have low aromatse, i will still feel like shit on T

Main problem seems to be from disrupting your endocrine production, causing low testosterone, so makes most sense to fix just this before moving to other things. And good chance a dialed in testosterone protocol alone fixes your low-t/low-E2 symptoms.

They taking esteogen for life?
Man I’m terrified to be low e for life…

I am really scared to start trt and stay low e…

You made another post asking the same question. Idk why you insist its low e2.

You most likely don’t have low e2, you have a fucked up endocrine system.

I used to have joint pain before trt too. I worked one shift and i would wake up the next day, close to 12pm and get out of bed like an old man. My feet dragging as they ached from the night before, My e2 was actually on the higher side then.

You’re most likely in need of trt. Once again, test will aromatise into more e2. You’ve taken rounds of hcg and clomid which are estrogenic compounds. It would be extremely unlikely that your e2 would still be low afterwards.

Do you want real advice to widen your horizons of perspectives or just an echo chamber for the answers you already want to hear?

You did 3 test cycles in ONE YEAR, and you think the arimidex fucked you up?

Hello barry.
I hope you right, but after this blood test I belive it might be related to low thyroid function, Low overall T and medium levels of e2.

Nope, just temporary. Start TRT and go from there.

A “cycle” of 250mg test e for two 8 week periods?

How much Arimidex did you take?

Some people take 250mg per week of test for trt, but you call THAT a cycle?

0.2mg every other day
Low dose but still crushed me.
I was totally 10 months on T