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Starting TRIBEX or Alpha Male at 22


ok so i have a new job and over the past few weeks have been living a very sedentary lifestyle. i lift with no real consistency but i am not a beginner. i am noticing lower levels of energy. diet is ok but could be better...especially frequency of meals. i am starting to get back on track in terms of working out.

i'm 22. heard really good things about TRIBEX and Alpha Male. i think i would like to try TRIBEX rather than Alpha Male just because Alpha Male seems stronger and i feel like i might be too young for such a strong t booster.

what risks do i face by starting t boosters? am i too young for them?

is it true that this could eventually confuse your body in terms of natural testosterone productions?

i am thinking of just buying a bottle, cycling by taking one a day rather than 2 on a 5 days on 2 off routine.....would this work?

also curious to see the increased sex drive...its not bad as is...i wonder how the gf will react to it in like 2 weeks time


It's my understanding that you don't have much to worry about in terms of adverse effects, you just need to cycle properly to keep your body responsive. I don't see any need to change the cycle proposed by Biotest, they do know what they're doing.

TRIBEX and Alpha Male stimulate the natural production of testosterone, they're not steroids.


TRIBEX (or equivalent) should be a mainstay in ANY dude's regime to maintain natural test levels in general, whether he lifts or not.

Alpha Male is more of a natural lifter's supplement (or a PCT addition).


All they'll make you at this point is more horny. You are too young to see any real benefit, they are more for older lifters. I don't think there are any dangers if you are younger but I could be mistaken.


i took TRIBEX at 23 and Alpha Male at 24-1/2 or so....both just made me more horny then normal.

poor girlfriend.

but yeah; nothing really helped in the gym.


That all depends on his natural Test level.

I used both products, separately, a few years back and got a nice boost in the gym. They seemed to make it easier to get leaner and more muscular.