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Starting Tren and Looking for Advice

I’m a new member but have been lurking for a while. I’ve been on trt for the last 3 years, I’m taking 1ml of test, 1000 units of hcg, and 2 mg of anastrazole. I’ve ran a couple of deca cycles and didn’t have much luck with it. When I run it I have to up the test to 1.5 or I end up getting deca dick which is miserable. So I’ve decided to try Tren and just looking for some advice. And before anyone says it Yes I know what I’m getting myself into, I’ve done a ton of research but it feels like I’ve done so much that I’m over whelmed. So any dosage advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance

You need to research more as you’re not even communicating properly in pharma terms. For example…

This is a volume not a dosage. It tell us literally nothing.

Tren is hardcore. If you had probs with deca a less harsh 19-nor then why try Tren? If you do try it make sure to stick with Tren Ace. Sides will clear faster. I don’t advise you try so best of luck.

Don’t know what dose your Test is, but 2mg anastrozole weekly? Seems like a lot. Do you have a recorded issue of high estrogen?

Sry 1 ml is 1000 mg, and also because I left it out I had the bad results on 500 mg of deca, once I came up to 15000 mg of test that cleared it up and it hasn’t happened since. But I never felt and difference when I was on it vs off of it.

You mean the AI?

I never felt any differently between when I was on deca vs not on deca

Your numbers are still wrong. 1ml can’t be 1000mg T. And I’m pretty sure you never took 15grams test. What was your weekly dose of Test?