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Starting training

I have never trained but I am fairly athletic and exercise moderately.I would like to get on a toning and fat reduction training routine. I am 55 , 6’0" and weigh 210. I am in good health and have a good basic shape, decent tone with a little fat in the middle. I am looking for general training and supplement guidance. Not many resource where I live. Where do I start?


First you should decide what you want to do. Also if you havent read a lot of posts here then I will give you fair warning about using the word “tone” dont use it or you will get flamed for it and get no real response to your questions. In addition there really isnt “general training” if you wanted that then you wouldnt be posting on this board or would just do 3 sets of 10. Once you decide what you want to do then read up as much as you can on all the back issues from this site. The more you know and understand the better. The main thing is to make sure and not to make it too complicated.
Ask yourself some questions before you begin.
Do you want to lose fat?
Do you want to increase your lean body mass?
Are you training for a sport?
How many days a week are you willing to put in at the gym?
Do you know how to lift weights?
You said that you have never trained so I would think that you do not. You might consider hiring a trainer to show you the ropes a few times if you could find one certified by the NSCA or ISSA or ACSM. Going to the gym and watching others is the worst thing you can do to learn proper form. If you are a good visual learner there are a lot of good sites that show proper form for exercises.

Concerning supplements They can get expensive, but you will get out what you put in pending you buy the right ones and use them for their stated purpose and your diet is in check, because they are that..supplements. Anything you buy from Biotest is quality. www.biotestedge.com/

I would start off with supplements like
AP protein and Surge and creatine.

You said not many resources where you live. Do you mean a gym?

let me know

search through ALL of the previous issues of t-mag then if you have questions the t-mag staff or these guys on the forum are usually more than happy to answer them


Read the Diet Manifesto, Massive Eating, Supplement Roundup, FAQ for diet and supplement advice to start. For training, check out old Dawg school programs or try Ian King’s Limping and 12 Weeks to Super Strength programs. Those programs are a little advanced but are explained to the exact detail. If you go that route, add in some 20 min cardio sessions after the workouts and you should be able to build strength while dropping your body fat.