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Starting Training Again Coming Out of Lockdown

Hi there,

My country is coming out of lockdown and opening gyms back up for the first time in 7 weeks tomorrow. Prior to heading into lockdown I would be training 5 - 7 times a week and had been doing so for about 10 months.

Programmes I had tried were the strong lifts 5x5 and the Madcow 5x5 as well as a basic HST programme for about 4 weeks.

My body weight would be between 92 - 95kgs (I’m 6ft) and my 1RMs were:

Squat: 195kg
Deadlift: 200kg
Overhead press: 100kg
Bench press: 160kg
Barbell row: 115kg

I’m wondering what everyone recommends as a good way to gain muscle and strength again? I have managed to do some lifting (benches around 125kg for 5 reps fairly easily) while in lockdown but maybe only about once per week.

Goals are to essentially gain size and strength potentially working towards being competitive in a powerlifting competition but mainly focussed on sports (Rugby and volleyball)



I would start at about 70%-85% of previous lifts and work up from there. It’ll definitely decrease the chance of injury and keep up hard on the accessory work to increase muscle mass and strengthen weak points. Posterior chain development and strengthening should be priority numero uno.

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I’d just do some article browsing on here and see what sounds good to you. No shortage of programs that can hit those goals on here.

Like E said I’d advise easing into a bit just since you’ve had some time off before going back balls to the walls.

Just run through proven programs off this site. Those are decent numbers, either of these would be a good fit…

Yeah,definitely go easier and start off with something like 70% of the old weights and work youre way up from there!