Starting Tomorrow

Well well my time has come. I have worked out at the gym for the past week to make sure my muscles dont go into shook when I start lifting some weight and now I am ready to start really pushing myself. I am 6’6 145-150 (varies morning by morning before breakfast.) I want to gain some size. So I have been told eat everything in sight and train like a mad man. Diet sound ok?

How about workout schedule? 2 days on 1 day off
Day 1: Shoulders, Back, Bicept, Abs
Day 2: Pecs, Tris, Forearm, Legs
How does it sound? Any suggestions?

Keep a food log or you’ll be treading water for years. Read the article called “The Missing Ingredient”. You may want to read the “Diet Manifesto” as well.

You can’t just eat like a madman. You still need a plan. Read the Massive Eating articles.

How about
Mon: Chest and Biceps, abs
Tuesday off
Wed: Legs,abs
Thursday: off
Friday: Back and Triceps

Look into Charles Staleys “CPT” training.

Your training program is severly out of order. Do yourself a favor and read everything Ian King has written on this website.

Put your leg day in between your upper body days. Focus on the basic exercises (Deadlifts, rows, chins, barbell curls, overhead presses, incline benches, squats, glute-ham raises, good mornings, close-grip benches, etc). Eat many meals a day with plenty of calories.

You seriously need to read the Skinny Bastard Diet. At 6’6" and 145-150lbs, you are seriously underweight. If the Skinny Bastard diet doesn’t appeal to you, then I would try the Pound O’ Week diet or Massive Eating. You weigh as much as me, and I’m more than a foot shorter than you! Go eat you skinny bastard!