Starting to Workout After 2 Year Pause

Hey guys,

“Long time no see”

I used to visit these foruns and the Articles section daily in the past. I remember visiting the store part of this website when they had only 2 or 3 supplements.

For the last 2 years I stopped doing so and also stopped going to the gym. I had only time to study for my Master’s Programm and go out with my (ex)girl.

What happened to me is not new, everytime I start dating a new girl I stop going to the gym and get some fat in my body. Now I have to get back on track again.

Ok, enough with the introduction…

I would like to ask what kind of supplements should I start taking?

I am a big fan of Protein supplements and I would never workout without supplementing with them.

So I am planning to start with Whey Protein and Casein and also ZMA (I have a hard time to get to sleep).

Should I consider anything else?

Some info:

Height: 5.64’
Weight: 163lb
% fat: A rought estimate would be 14%

Goal: “300” (The Movie) body. What that mean? Not too strong, but a moderate amount of mass in a ripped body.
I can say my boddy build lean mass pretty “fast” compared to others I know.

I plan to work more with compound exercizes. For those who knows it, I will follow the Intermediate Workout programm outlined in “The Book of Muscle” by Lou Schouler and Ian King.

Thanks in advance!

If you’re just starting training again after a long layoff, I recommend sticking with basic ‘health’ supplements like Flameout, ElitePro Mineral Support, Rez-V, and Biotest Superfood for now.

Of course, it also makes sense to add a protein supplement like Metabolic Drive or Grow! Whey if you’re not able to consume enough protein through normal food sources.

Whether you reach your goal will mainly be determined by your diet and training intensity and consistency, so get those nailed before worrying about more advanced supplements.

I agree with the Mod…side note of advice, stop not working out when you get a girl! My buddy does this all the time and I always say, “is this gonna last forever? When its done you’re goin to go back to the single life small and fat??” Keep consistent OP!