Starting to Train Again - Routines?

ok, here is the short version of my story just to give you some back ground. i had surgery 2 years ago to remove my sigmoid colon and part of the ileum due to crohn’s disease. i lost over 30 pounds. it took me 2 years to get back to where i have a normal life again. it has been rough. many complications. so, i weigh like 135 pounds right now. i have been stripped back to my high school frame.

what i thought was a good weight for me was 160-165 (my weight prior to surgery). so now i am in a sense starting over. i want to get my mass back, but i want to do it smart. i’ve got the nutrition part down for me (i think) seeing how i do have a bit of a different diet than most of you due to having crohn’s (i follow the maker’s diet in case any of you are wondering - this stuff is true, saved my life).

so basically my question is, what is the best way to get buff again the fastest? i want to do it right, which means i have no problem taking it slow. but here are the caveats - i dont want to be in the gym for more than 4 days a week, 30-40 min each time. and i dont want to take supplements besides what i am already taking (cod liver oil, green food blend, fiber blend, digestive enzymes, vitamins/minerals - i already pop too many pills and make plenty of shakes).

i am interested in lifting routines, not really cardio (i’ll get that from surfing and tai chi). i dont care much for strength (seriously in this day and age who needs to be strong?) - i care about physique, how i look. i dont want to get body builder extreme big, but i want to look good again, with muscle and definition. if any one has any good programs, certain exercises, tips, advice or what not let me know.