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Starting to Stall After a Year

I’ve been doing young Jim Wendler for almost a year. Today I started my 5s week and on bench I only got 4 on the last set and squat I only got 3 on the last set.I took about a 30 sec break and was able to finish the rest of the reps. Should I go on to 3s week or go ahead and reset. I’ve never had to reset before and have been making great progress so far.

Time for a new program/template, I’d say.


I agree. Reset and new template.

I ran it for probably a bit longer than I should have (because I did really like it and made great progress with it) but ran into the same issue, and like the other posters have mentioned it’s simply time for another program. I personally went with a more conjugate based approach, just finished my 3rd week on it and I do keep a log here of what I’m doing if you want to see if it’s something up your alley