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Starting to See Improvements with TRT

Just an update on my progress with TRT - been on it 5 weeks and already I’m starting to see improvements. Recently my mood and energy have become really good and I just feel more determined. Literally I can’t remember when I last felt this happy, it been at least four years. I did consider myself depressed before I started TRT and that cloud over my life is finally starting to disappear :slight_smile:

I was afraid I wouldn’t see any benefits with TRT and I’d have to surrender and take an antidepressant which up to this date I have always declined - I am thankful now that I did.

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Nice man. I’m at week 3.5, nothing really after initial placebo boost, so I’m looking forward to starting to see improvements.

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Great to hear!

However, and not to rain on your parade, but you are approaching the end of the honeymoon that most guys experience. If you’re not on a solid and well monitored protocol you’ll most likely start to experience some issues, especially if you’re not doing anything to manage E2. I’m not saying this will happen to you, but it happens often enough that you should at least be aware of the potential downside.

What is your protocol? What were your initial labs, and when are your follow ups happening? If you have an original thread it’d be helpful to post all updates there to ensure we have the proper context.

With all that said, I’m thrilled for you. What a great story, and I hope the benefits continue and your life and health improve beyond what you thought possible. Keep going, pay attention to your body, and I wish you nothing but the best moving forward.