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Starting to Put Together First Cycle


W1-12 Test En 300mg E3D (300mg/ml 2-20ml bottle)
W4-8 Dbol 25mg ED (50 50mg caps)
W3-12 Adex .25mg ED
W3-12 HCG 200iu E3D (same day as T inj. to keep simpler?)
W14-16 nolva 20mg ED

as i've said this is my first cycle and only from info that i've read. i'm looking to start in sept. to give me plenty of time to plan everything.

also some one PM me reputable places to get AIs, SERMs and HCG. I have found some places but dont know about their rep.

6'1" 216lbs.
I was 240lbs in january but looked too soft. my ideal size is about 230-240 and top 4 abs in.
i'm hoping this cycle can net a 10LB muscle gain. I'd be pretty happy with that.

let me know of any concerns. i'm all ears.




Drop the Dbol, with a 1st cycle it is best to do a test only one.


Looks good, Just make sure that you begin pct 2 weeks after your last shot and run it for 4 weeks.

I believe that running test and dbol together makes a fine first cycle, although I would definitely kickstart the test E with the dbol weeks 1-4 or 1-5. You could perhaps even consider running oral winstrol at the end to bridge to pct.


is it ok for the adex to be 1mg E3D?


I think you would find that dose to be too high for your needs. I would suggest starting with .5mg eod and adjusting it as needed.


if i'm looking to front load the Test E. on this cycle i'd be looking at about 1.8g on first pin, correct?

also with front loading i'd need to start the AI as soon as my first pin/shortly there after, correct?

i'm also looking at shifting the dbol to the last 4 weeks of the cycle for the reason of if my gains are what i'm looking for on this i may not use it on this cycle.

also im suprised i haven't had but 2 guys chime in...


Front load =

You take the weekly dose + the dosage of that day as first inject.

E.g. 500mg/week of Test E divided into 250 on Monday and 250 on Thursday.

On the first inject on Monday you take 500mg + 250mg = 750mg. On Thursday and following 250mg.

Sides COULD occur when front loading, but as always... Start Adex low and increase only when needed.


my dose is going to be 300mg every 3 days. so 1.2g?


You can't just take the weekly dose and add that to the dosage of that day while ignoring the esters. In this case, it comes close to working out because the half-life of test e is close to 1 week. However, if using test with another ester, adjustments will have to be made.

From Bill Roberts:

The amount to use is the amount that is on average taken in one half-life of the drug, plus the injection amount that will ordinarily be used.

So for another example, letâ??s say someone is planning on using 600 mg/week of testosterone enanthate, taken as 200 mg three times per week.

If figuring the half-life at 5 days, then on average the amount taken per half-life (per 5 days) is 5/7 of the 600 mg. That works out to an average of 429 mg taken per 5 days.

So the frontload amount is that amount, plus the usual ongoing amount of 200 mg.

If being highly exact this would work out as 629 mg, but as 600 mg is a more convenient figure, this would be more than close enough. Thereâ??s no problem in rounding the number a little.

So on Day 1 the injection would be 600 mg. This would not produce unusually high levels, but instead would promptly get levels to where they need to be.


being that mine is every 3 days and wont hit the same way on 2 weeks back to back can i take a sum of 2 weeks dose and dived by 2 the multiply by 5/7 for a true week average?

so my first injection would end up being 1050mg.


No need for this to be rocket science. I'd treat your dose as 700mg/week.


cycle looks good, id run nolva higher dose the first two weeks 40/40/20/20


another question is the HCG for asthetic purpose mainly or does this keep them pumping T the whole time?


Since your doing 700mg of test e per week (100mg/day), assuming the half life of test e is 5 days, the average amount of drug you use in one half life is 500mg. Add 500 plus the amount of your usual injection (300mg) and you get 800mg. So injecting 800 mg would be the proper way to frontload.


i'll be running 300mg of test every 3 days.


Is the math truly confusing you?

For the purposes of frontloading, 300mg E3D = 100mg ED = 700mg/week.


holy fuck.... lol... intense said i would only have 500mg of T.E. in my system on cycle but thats not right... thats why i said i was going to use 300mng E3D

i plan on 1st injection being 1gram. and that should be close enough.

also should i start adex as soon as symptoms start showing or go a head and start .25mg everyday when i 1st pin.


No, what intense said was that since your using the equivalent of 700mg/week, the amount of test e you will use during one half-life of the compound is 500mg. I understand you're excited and nervous about your first cycle - I was in your shoes a month ago - but if you're going to ask members of the forum for help, take a moment to understand the underlying concepts.

I started adex at the beginning of my cycle.

You may want to find an online roid calculator, put in your cycle and see where it puts your values each day to minimize fluctuations.


i see what your saying. if you only take in account the 5day half-life i would normally be cruising on about 600ish.... and when you use 900mg in a roidcalc it comes out pretty dang close...

was confusing me talking about the week and not taking into account the 5day half life.


and yes very nervous about it.