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Starting to Plan Cycle # 2

Im finishing up with my first cycle which was a test blend 300mg E3D, 50mg DBOL wks1-4. PCT was 50mg clomid daily for 4 weeks, Nolva 40mg x 4 weeks 20mg x 2 weeks off. I used adex 0.5mg/daily due to some sides. Things cleared up and overall it was a smooth cycle. I went form 184lbs-211lbs in 12 weeks. Currently 6’0 @ 204 lbs, 29Y.O, training 10+ years.

The blend was : test prop 40mg,phenylpropionate 60mg, test e 100, test cyp 100 mg

Im planning for my next cycle and I am looking for some critiques.

weeks 1-16: Test Blend 300(same as above) E3D
weeks 1-10: Deca 200mg x2/week Monday/Thursday
weeks 1-4: DBOL 50mg/day 25 AM, 25 pre training.
Weeks 16-20: clomid 50mg
weeks 16-20: 40mg nolva> 20mg weeks 21-28

AI: Adex on cycle, Aromasin for PCT

Any insight or thoughts appreciated. Thanks gents.

I know not on topic. I will be running a similar first cycle. Did you cycle HCG? I think that is the only thing holding me back from jumping on mine.

what about this is holding you back? There’s no downside to running HCG, aside from cost. Is there another concern you have?

your pct isn’t good. just use clomid or nolva, not both. more effective that way. Other than that, good to go.

Thanks Flip. I believe you gave me some tips on my first cycle. Thanks man. Was getting some conflicting info on running both clomid and nolva. Broke out like a bastard with the clomid.

that can happen. clomid’s not the best choice.

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Reason being I can not seem to find it. One’s I have found price seemed steep. Any suggestions? How bad could/would cycle be with out? I guess also the extra pins is something In back of head. Just wanted to cover everything before I hit it. Thanks

what country are you in? this makes a huge difference. And when you refer to the extra pins, are you concerned about cost, access, or just the actual act of pinning more often?

Clomid depressed me hard. It gave me honest intense thoughts of suicide… will never run again… in any way for any reason.

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I reside in the USA. In reference to the pins I guess all 3…haha. Im willing to do it if its worth it. I just wanna be as informed as possible best way is to learn from people with experience. Thanks

got ya. i’ll address all 3 then…

Pins are REALLY cheap in the US, and they’re easy as hell to buy. I don’t understand why either of these things would factor into your decision making. You really just pay pennies per pin. Use insulin pins for HCG. Buy them off the internet. I don’t think I can share sources, but its really really easy to find. As for having to pin more often, HCG is injected subcutaneously, so it’s not going to cause any scarring of muscle tissue. It’s also not oil based, so it goes very fast.

As far as HCG itself goes, it’s a little pricey, but not particularly bad in the US. If fertility is something you value, then I believe it’s absolutely worth the money, without a doubt.

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Thanks so much I feel way better and will be using HCG as soon as I can find it. Will not cycle until I can find it.

Flip. Im thinking of adding in:

Caber at 0.25 x 2/wk weeks 1-13
HCG at 150 IU EOD. weeks 3-16

Do you think the caber is needed any longer than 3 weeks post deca?

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i’d run caber (or any dopamine agonist) at least a month post-deca, prolly even most of the way through PCT…

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what dose did you use @Reed? i’ve kept the dose down at 25 mg/day and been fine, but have heard about guys being really emotional when using 100 mg+/day…

OK good deal. I’ve heard a few different things. I certainly don’t want issues with progesterone… Since the half life is around 21 days I figured I’d be covered for a min of 3 weeks post. Any negatives to running low dose caber through out PCT? Also. HCG: Any negatives?

don’t run HCG in PCT… since it mimics LH, it will prevent your HPTA from recovering.

i don’t think there’s any issue with the caber, tho…

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My mistake for not elaborating. I meant HCG during the actual cycle. Not PCT.

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