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Starting to Make Progress on Squat


A benchmark reached I thought I would share this

Have been doing SS5X5 though I do 3X5 for my squats

While still only a beginner with a squat of 117kg (3X5) today at the gym I had 2 people tell me I was squatting too heavy and should go lighter or I would injure myself. (in 8 mths only seen someone(once) with > 100kg and that was bench and squats are close to non existent)

(I asked a couple of Questions to establish they knew squat about squatting)

Maybe I can consider myself a novice now instead of rank beginner :slightly_smiling:


Uh, guess you made it to the Big Leagues now


Teach me how 2 squat


If you're hitting 250ish for 5s, you should be able to hit 315 for a single. 315 is a HUGE landmark. I remember how stoked I was when I hit 315, 365, 405, 455, 495, 500 and 550. They were all huge landmarks for me, next stop 600! Keep grinding buddy.


bugeishaAD - Don't know if you're having a lend
Can do worse than

Have my eye on 315 which will be a HUGE landmark but will grind up to there I think
Still lots to learn - Only fully understood the importance of a gut full of air at about 220# but I squat 250 better than I squatted 200

Big gym - 1 squat rack - Never have to wait - Guess Olympic bar is too heavy for curls :slight_smile:


I feel you on trying to build up that intra abdominal pressure. I played college ball at 295 and cut down to 235 within a year and a half of finishing up. When I was on big boy status, pushing into a belt was cake, but trying to push into a belt when you don't have a belly anymore is tough.

That said, the most I ever hit was 525 as a player, and even though my strength took a hit while I was cutting, I just this week hit 535 for a double, and turned around the next set and hit 555 for a single. I weighed in at 238 the night I hit it. Keep working at it and good luck getting that 315.