Starting to Have Issues with Site Swelling/Abcesses

Hey guys ive been taking cycles for about 4 years, i was a 450lb 18 year old so ive got a dedication to myself and am now 280lb lean ass “bodybuilder” (dont have the confidence to call my self one even at that weight) but anyway im starting to have issues with injection and im wondering if im missing my sites? my quads are getting a abcess on both sides idk if its just my quads dont like it but it seems to be build up, i use 1.5", but the bigger problem is whenever i try to go glute my ass swells up to twice its normal size on that side of the day, am i missing the site or something or is the glute just rough?!

Uhhh… you can def call yourself a bodybuilder… you’re huge
Before I help… have you continually cycled over the past 4 years or have you had periods in which you cruise/go off

Actually… no… this is important, must advice immediately

If you have accesses from each shot of gear you’re taking, the gear clearly isn’t sterile… stop using that batch, go to the hospital and get the abscesses drained… the potential health complications of untreated abscesses are dire… as in… potential death

Did you start cycling at 450 lb or did you cut down first? How old are you now (I’d guess 20s)

Btw, unless you’re in a country where gear is legal, crop the face out of the photo for precautionary measure

What do you’re cycles consist of?

wrong angle*

Ive taken 6 months off the first year 3 the second now i do 6 week off periods, my doctor called them a hematoma “fluid build up” theyre not big and ive been taking a jigsaw massager to them lately and they seem to be going down, i started cycling at 200lbs after the weightloss and some gains, im 26 working out 9 years, ive had a blood infection before from bad gear and i avoid that lab, i live ina place with limited supply and i dont know anyone else having these issues but theres also very few guys to compare to my size, my doctor tells me theyre not bad as uninfected so i should leave them alone and avoid the sites im just wondering why its happening, is it possible im not putting it in at the right angle? like my glute has been swollen for 3 days which has happened many times before but its going away almost as if im hitting fat but im going 1.5" aiming inwards maybe i just cant reach the right spot? Thanks for the help i dont have many people to ask where theres only 3 other guys my size below 30 where i live lol

Theres zero redness its just irritated

What gear are you taking, mg/ml?

Test C 250 Deca 250 Eq 250, my buddy is going pro off the stuff its a great lab hes 330LBs and is on his way to his pro card this year, i take 6 total CCs a week

If it’s happening repeatedly, as in… every time you inject this clearly isn’t the case.

Do you cycle on/off or stay on. If you stay on 1500mg year round that’s incredibly risky regarding long term cardiovascular health status

Do you intend to compete? You def have the ability to

Nothing there that screams it might cause trouble. High mg/ml stuff with EO as a solvent is the most common culprit. Check the labels to see if EO has been used.

My Off cycles are listed above and i lower the dose for a little before and after break kinda pyramid it, i mean its not everytime i inject but it just seems to be building up over the years, my ass is the only thing that swells and ive only recently tried injecting there, i go upper outter and aim in but idk i feel like im missing or something to get it swelling on me without infection

If this is you’re off cycle you will likely die very young my friend (you said 2cc of each)… I’d suggest educating yourself within regards to particularly the cardiovascular implications AAS can induce… I’d suggest being monitered closely via a medical professional too (regular ECG, bloods etc)… and no, bloodwork isn’t the be all end all to gauge good health. You’re heart could be 2x the size of a regular mans and blood work would come out fine.

You’re (probably) not missing anything, try a different injection site… if it still swells up to immense proportions dump the gear