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Starting to Hate the Bench Press

Try performing heavier rows, or any heavy horizontal pulling exercises. It will help your bench.

I honestly believe that sometimes problems like this are all mental. About a year and a half ago I started lifting again after several years off the iron. I’m not tiny guy. Then I was about 185 pounds at 6’1.

For about a month, my one rep max was 135 pounds. One day, for whatever reason, I walked into the gym with a different attitude and benched it for 12 reps, no problem. A few days later I was struggling to put it up twice again.

I took another short break from lifting and came back with a generally better feeling about life. 135 wasn’t even worth a warm up set.

I don’t know if you could be having a similar problem-your so focused on overcoming 235 that you almost expect to fail- take some time to think about it, build yourself up, and decide to overcome any mental/emotional blocks that might be hindering your goal.

[quote]Westclock wrote:
Incline dumbell press is what you need.

Flat bench just doesn’t use your chest that well if your tall, your range of motion is ungainly and awkward.


I’ve always felt that the incline bench is a lot more awkward for me. I have a 6’7 wingspan, and Bench press has always been a weird movement for me. Anything you know about incline technique and tall people?

In what part of the ROM do you stick?