Starting to Gym After a Couple of Years Again

Hi everyone . I was a tennis player and an extremely active sportsman until the last two years. Had to lay off due to injuries and personal commitments. Going to start training again. In pretty poor shape actually. I am 80 kgs , 5ft 11.5 inches. 33 years old. The aim is to get stronger and athletic again.

I have been going through a few books on weight training. Starting strength - Marc Rippetoe , Never let go- Dan John, Maximum strength- Eric Cressey. Can you suggest if any of the programes mentioned in these books could be use to start my schedule again ? Looking at 6 - 8 months to get back into decent shape. For me its like starting from zero again.

Your suggestions will be invaluable . Could you also suggest other books, programs which have helped you to get bigger and in sport? Thanks a lot and have a great week ahead.

Welcome. If you want a well-rounded athletic + strength program, look no further than 531 my friend! It’s perfect for “getting back into it”. That’s the program I’ve had the most success with anyway.