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Starting to Get Back Into Training

I lifted with a powerlifting team at one point, in high school. i set a world record apa for squatting at 123lbs and 15 age. at one point my bench was 210 squat 350 and dead 335. that was 2 years ago, im a freshman at a university now and need to start again. I was thinking about doing the Anaconda Protocol but im not sure if it will be too much for me, as in overtraining. when i lifted we did west side barbel style, with chains and bands and such.

any tips on what i should do to get back started or if i should just hit the ground running. right now im 130lbs 5’6 and the only max i know i have is a 190 bench. ive randomly been in the gym and did some squats 8 sets of 3 reps at 245.


I wouldn’t even try the ANACONDA Protocol until you get back into a really good routine. Seems like it would be a waste of money.