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Starting To Finally Feel A Little Libido

So it’s been a few years of trying different protocols without much success for libido.

I looked over my years of bloods and went back to a protocol that had my test T:E2 ratio on it. It was at 30mg EOD. Bloods were as follows:

TT 741 (250-1100)
FT 193 (35-155)
E2 49 (<29)

My T:E2 ratio was 15.1. So it was decent.

Was thinking THIS time around i’d throw in .25mg of arimidex EOD along with my shot. I don’t have bloods yet.

My idea was that my FT was good, but that my E2 was too high, and due to my lower SHBG, it canceled out libido. Too much FE2

Well, it’s been a few weeks on this protocol, and my libido is definitely more pronounced. So i’m thinking with the .25 ai EOD, my E2 lowered a bit, making my ratio increase a bit.

Now it’s not crazy over the top libido… but i’ve gone from ZERO to something, so i’m on the right track.

I think some guys just don’t aromatize in the most advantageous way and they need more control of their E2.

Just thought i’d post. I’ll see where i am in a few more weeks, then tweak a bit and see if i can increase libido more. Maybe raise dose to 40mg EOD and leave ai alone at .25 EOD.

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