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Starting to Dislike Powerlifters


Sure it's not all powerlifters out there but some at my local gym are really annoying me!



Are you aware that you just used an emoticon on T-Nation?



I thought we were done with the Parody threads.


I apologise if I've offended any powerlifters, was just my recent experiences. I also apologise for using an emoticon, never realised it was so wrong of me.


I'm with the OP, I think powerlifters are a bunch of abdominal wall bulging, Silver Back Gorilla acting, Beer swillin, Chalk usin, no neck havin, converse wearin, sittin down between set doin, mouth piece during max squat usin, red oly bar across the back mark havin, 7 whole egg eatin, sleeping with your girlfriend bangin, wide hip havin, No good mofo's.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaand smell-eh!


OP, your avatar is Vega, the little pretty boy bitch from Street Fighter who has to wear a mask to keep his face pretty looking all girly and use that claw crap when all the others are fighting hand to hand. I know that's a runon sentence, but WTF, Come on, MAN!


That is so untrue. I actually have to lay down between sets. If you can get away with just sitting to recover, you're just a crossfitter posing as a powerlifter.


I've worked out at two powerlifting gyms. One of them has a record holder in the squat. That was the best gym I've been to, and everyone worked VERY hard, even the regular gym goers there.

The other one - yeah, I can see how someone would get friggin' pissed at PLers. Two well known guys worked out there and their crew hogged the goddamn deadlifting and squat areas for HOURS. I mean three to four hours with sittign on their ass and gearing up in between sets. They seemed like the laziest bastards on earth, maybe even lazier than the regular folks in the gym. Most were too lazy to do ANY assistance work after that hours-long ordeal and would then order in pizza.


Hey wait a second, let's be fair. Half those guys shot shit of some sort, so it's not like it was just hand to hand combat. Guile had his sonic boom, Ryu had his hadouken, etc.

So while Vega was a little bitchy, he wasn't cheating.


I have to lay down between sets of CURLS. I'm that fucking hard core.


Damn, that must be some hella sammichin'.


<>. But, what's a curl? Is that those things bodybuilders do when you're done with the squat rack?


Is it wrong that you sweaty and exhausted lying down just made me drool?


Yeah, my coach has me practice them because I pulled a bicepts once drinking a big beer.


I'm a PLer, not a sammich.


Not to mention that there were genetic altered freaks like Blanka, and huge mofos like Honda who outweighted anyone by 100 or more pounds!
It was just not fair....


Is it wrong that you saying sammich just made me drool?


Is it wrong that you sweaty and exhausted lying down just made me drool?