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Starting to Deadlift

Hello everyone, this is my first post. I started weightlifting last summer, I stopped a little after school started up in september, but I’m going to start trying to set some goals for this summer.

About a week ago I dead lifted for the first time, I got up to like 235 on my fifth set, then today I did


I think I would be able to do 405, not 100% sure, but even if my max is like 385, do you think setting a goal of 500 pounds by the end of summer would be unreasonable?

Last summer I started out doing shoulder presses, rows, and dips. once I got up to like 20 dips, I started benching instead, I think the most I got to on benching was 245x6, rows I lost track because my gym only goes up to 90 pound dumbbells, and the best I did for my shoulder press was 155x3. I also did some ab and lower back exercises with dumbbells, no leg work though.

My bench feels alot weaker now, I think I did 225 4 times when I started back up a few weeks ago, today I did 205 2x5 then 3x3. My shoulders feel pretty good, I did 1x3 @ 75lbs and 3x3 @ 70 lbs standing one arm should presses.

I want to up my weight with a back exercise. Bent over barbell rows seem like they would put alot of stress on your lower back, especially if I’m doing like over 200 pounds. Is this bad or would it be good for my back?

I also want to shoot for a 300 pound bench and 225 pound shoulder press. Do you think these would also be good goals? I’ll be going about twice a week, some weeks three, some maybe only once, but definitely never skip a week. I try to do weights that are at least 80% my weight and try to never go to failure.

I’ve never done squats before either, I might try to do them next time I go to the gym and alternate doing squats and deadlifts each time I go.

Are there and exercises that would work my abs really well? Not something high rep, before I would put the bench on the highest incline possible and hold weights to my chest and try to sit up. This exercise was a bit uncomfortable to do though.

Any thoughts are appreciated.
Haha, this post ended up being longer than I meant it to be, I must be really bored :slight_smile:

12 weeks

= 10lbs a week

I would say 5-7lbs might be more reasonable.
But a lot depends on your body structure limits, if your pretty near your cap now then no.
I would rather you select a more reasonable weight so you can suprise yourself if you get higher. Trying to force yourself too fast to hit this imposed arbitrary number could lead to overtraining and plateaus.

But I am not huge into Deadlifts, so a more qualified person might chime in.

Abs or Hip flexors? :slight_smile:
When your spine stays stationary during a situp, your using your hip flexors.

Look at the Serratus Crunch on this site.

Well, the last day of august is over 18 weeks away :slight_smile:

The serratus crunch looks interesting, I’ll definitely try that out.

I suppose I was using my hip flexors moreso than abs before, I’ve been enlightened, haha

Sorry, when I think of summers I auto think 3 months. Haven’t been in school for a while so none of the seasons change much for me. :slight_smile: