Starting the Velocity Diet in a Week

Hello. I have been lifting for a long time with unfortunate breaks in between. I have a 3 year old and before he was born I was also running up to 6 to 9 miles every other day. I was 41 when me and my wife had Jonah. He is beautiful and the light of my life! But having him, working at night and all the responsibilities that go into having a family I let my body go. I didn’t mean to that but I did. The weight snuck up on me. And now I can only walk those miles with maybe a 2 mile jog.

On a good note, I have been lifting the past 4 months and I becoming really strong. I especially like deadlifting and my presses.

I am 240 pounds. I have gained 30 pounds of fat around my gut in the past 4 years. I went from a comfortable pants size waist of 34 to 36 to 38! It sucks. I get down about it sometimes but it is not that bad. I just ordered the Velocity Diet. I am really psyched about starting the program.

I should be getting the Velocity Diet program in the next few days. So I will be posting my progress daily on this forum.

Thank you!


Congrats on deciding to start the plan, but you’ll get better feedback posting your log in the V-Diet Support forum.

Okay. I will move that over now. Thank you.