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Starting the V-Diet in a Day or Two

I’m not an amateur dieter. I’ve been on multiple diets and it seems low carb diest have helped me the best, but I’ve been reading about the V-Diet for sometime now and want to try it out. I’m a FFB who now weighs 185 with around 20% BF. I’d like to drop 12-15 lbs. My concern having watched carbs intensely for the past year and a half is (no surprise!!) the carb count.

Working119 states that 4 shakes have 16g of carbs, but the label states for 2 scoops its 8g carbs with 2g of dietary fiber making the total 6g, right? So 4 shakes would equal 24 g of carbs, would it not? I’m just asking because of all my dieting days this feels like a big step, but one that will hopefully get me passed my plateau. And like most big changes, I worry about the details.

Thanks to all.

I don’t know who working 119 is first off. If the label says something then go with that. Different flavors do have slightly different carb counts but man, 8 carbs is not going to make or break your success with this. 32 calories, you likely burned that making breakfast today. The details aren’t what mae a diet successfull it’s being consistent with it. String 28 days together of this and not freak out two days before because you don’t know the exact carb breakdown.