Starting the 5x5 Stronglifts. Excersise and Diet Log

I re-started the program and this is my diet, which i am afraid is woefully bad.



2 cups of coffee 16 oz, sugar and milk
2 cups of cofffee 16 oz, black
1 medium banana
1 EAS Myoplex protein shake, 42 grams protein, etc.
1 multi vitamin


12 oz V-8 low sodium
1 slice frozen pizza
2 blueberry muffins, homemade
1 5 hour energy drink
2 cup of coffee
16 oz water

30 minutes of elyptical


Beef pot roast
brussel sprouts
blackeyed peas and peppers
32 oz water.
3 blueberry muffins

Snacks afer dinner. My worst area:

3 slices salami
more water
handful pretzels
cup of cereal
chocolate milk
some other bad shit cant remember



3 cups coffee
1 banana
5 hour energy
40 almonds
multi vitamin


v-8 low sodium
pastrami and provolone cheese sandwich
16 oz water
21 grams swiss cheese stuff

after work:
start 5x5 program - yikes, only stupid smith machine
immediately after workout - Myoplex 42 gram
16 oz water


Beef roast sandwich
leftover BEP and Brussel sprouts
16 oz water
12 oz coke

After dinner snacks:

1 cup cereal
handful pretzels
sunflower seeds
16 oz water
plain yogurt

Heres breakfast from Wednesday:

3 cups coffee
handful pretzels
low sodium v-8
multi vitamin

more pretzels
sunflower seeds
42 gram protein Myoplex
16 oz water

I wouldn’t call that a diet man, that needs a complete overhaul.

What are your goals (strength with hypertrophy?), height and weight?

[quote]IronAbrams wrote:
I wouldn’t call that a diet man, that needs a complete overhaul.

What are your goals (strength with hypertrophy?), height and weight?[/quote]

Yeah, its pretty bad. That’s why I need help! lol.

I am 5’7 and weighed in at 160.4 lbs. last night after the gym.

I am looking to gain strength and get lean.

oh yeah, and what about the Myoplex? Any opinions?

Thanks in advance.

Hey man! Start out real simple. Check out some of the other blogs and see what some are doing. Eat eggs for breakfast have a protien shake with fish oil for a mid morning snack. A lean burger with a pile of broccoli, spinach tomatoes etc at lunch. handful of almonds mid afternoon. focus some starchy carbs weather its bread and meat or Surge around your workout.

Follow it up at night with some fat free cottage cheese before bed. Just some Ideas to get you thinking. Use the progress based decision method to make jure you keep going forward. I am stoked to see you here posting!

yeah, im glad to be here. i was gonna send you emails but that wont work. this is much more effective.

Where have you gone? Theres nothing posted latey.

a month later and still nothing… I think he is done…