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Starting Testosterone Replacement Therapy


Okay a little background. I'm 25 years old and was in a auto accident in 09. Haven't felt the same since. Finally got to get my dr to run a full gauntlet of blood tests and came back with low T. I began I testim with no avail. Finally got out on depo-test and am doing at home injections of 200mg a week.

I was looking at the dosing and refills and seen that the doctor had given me a slight surplus of test prior to going back in. I was wondering if it's a good idea to administer the injections every 3 days with the 200mg for the first two weeks to get my levels up and then go back to the prescribed dosing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as to being completely new to this.


No, definitely don’t do that. 200mg/wk is already a hefty starting dose. If anything, I’d consider starting with a lower dose to start out and titrate up if bloodwork/symptoms indicate that you need more. Most guys start out at 100mg/wk, preferably split into twice weekly injections.

More is often not better when it comes to TRT.


Really you think I should lower my dose in half? Just seems like a huge drop from what my doctor prescribed


Maybe try 120mg of T per week split into 2 weekly injections, but I definitely wouldn’t start at 200mg/wk.

200mg/wk is a large dose and most guys don’t need that much. A dose that high will cause negative side effects in many guys, mainly elevated E2. More is not better when it comes to hormone therapy.

Guys who need a dose that high are certainly in the minority.

Have you talked to your doctor about hCG? It’s a very important part of just about any TRT protocol.


Please read the advice for new guys sticky and the one called protocol for injections.

Your inability to absorb transdermal T could be indicating a thyroid issue.

Did you have LH/FSH tested before TRT? So you know if primary or secondary hypogonadism? Given your history, I think that you are primary from a blow to the head.

Post all of your lab work here with ranges.

Don’t give your self permission to mess with higher doses and you also should not be doing 200mg a week even if your doctor does not know better.