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Starting TBT, Looking for Guidance...

First post, will try keep it short and snappy! Going to be starting Chad’s total body routine.

Height: 5 foot 11 inch
Weight: 73kg (approx.) - need to weigh myself first thing in the morning.

Usual story, have been hitting the gym on and off for a while and want to really get some good results now, so…
for the rest of the summer im looking to cut and lose any remaining fat on my stomach, while hopefully toning. Then after the summer I was intending to bulk over the winter period to try and get some good muscle gains. Good idea?

– Workout –
1.5 mile run to the gym.

Followed by Chads workout… First week as follows:
C1. Dumbbell bench presses
C2. Horizontal dumbbell rows
C3. Seated dumbbell military presses
C4. Squats
C5. Deadlifts
S1. Barbell curls
S2. Lying Dumbell triceps extensions

1.5mile run home.

– Diet –

Breakfast: 3 poached or scrambled eggs & 1 slice of brown bread
16.5g pro, 195 cal, 13.5g fat & 4g pro, 86 cal, 1.1g fat = 20.5g pro, 281 cal, 14.6g fat

Mid Morning: Protein shake & 10g of chocolate nesquick (300ml water) & peice of fruit ie. Apple or orange
24g pro, 118 cal, 2.1g fat & nesquick & apple

Lunch: 150g - 200g of chicken and some salad
No idea everywhere says bloody different. Any ideas for a roasted chicken? I remove the skin after being cooked.

Pre workout: Banana or Apple ? & cup of coffee
Was suggested away from the banana because of the carbs i think but has always been a favorite.

Post workout: Protein shake (300ml water)
23g pro, 118 cal, 2.1g fat

Mid afternoon snack: 30g cashew nuts
6.5g pro, 180 cal, 14.1g fat

Dinner: Avoid pretty much all carbs here. Just have whatever meat/veg is going. And as much of it as possible.

Before bed: 60g of cottage cheese & 200ml of milk
7.3g pro, 48 cal, 0.9g fat & 6.6g pro, 96 cal, 3.2g fat = 13.9g pro, 144 cal, 4.1g fat

Plus about 3 cups of greentea a day.

Please bring on the criticism =)

– Question Time –

Q. I’ve read over Menshealth forums for a while now and have read small peices of information about avoiding sugar because it spikes insulin levels? Is this true. If so… does it mean I should be avoiding food like muller lights (find them to be a good snack, low cals and 4 - 5g extra protein) and other sugary foods altogether or is there a time for them?
Q. Ketchup? Yes or No and why?
Q. Baked Beans? Yes or No and why?
Q. Diet coke/Coke Zero/Pepsi max? Yes or No and why?
Q. Need more fibre in diet… lets just say I can tell im lacking it :stuck_out_tongue: What foods are a good source of fibre and would fit in nicely with my diet ?
Q. Tried todo a proper squat the other day (in the past always used dumbbells) and the bar was so uncomfortable on my back that I couldnt even do a second set… Is this normal and any suggestions how to get over it. And I do realise there are front squats.

Thanks for the help guys appreciate it.
Intending to start this as soon as I get back from my holiday.

Good on you for getting motivated to do the right thing in the gym. TBT aint my fav. routine, but it’s a hell of alot better than what most guys in the gym are doin…

To answer the questions that I can, to the best of my knowledge…

  1. Yeah, sugar spikes insulin. Try and limit it as much as possible. Personally I don’t mind high GI carbs (such as sugar) straight after a workout, taken with a whole lotta protein and then a meal with lower GI carbs and more protein soon after.

I’m not sure how scientifically sound this is. And I have to mention that I’ve not been worried about fat loss/control either.

  1. Ketchup…well if you really want to be a good boy, probably not. From what I can gather it’s got alot of sugar, and alot of salt, mixed with preservatives. But then, adding just a little bit to one of your meals now and then aint really gonna hurt, is it? Or learn to home-make it, so you can limit the amount of crap (salt, sugar, preservatives etc) that goes into it.

  2. Baked beans…I think tend to be very high in sugar? And Salt? Plus do they really taste that great? And they make your farts really smell?

  3. Diet coke/similar… apparently the artifical sweetners aren’t much good for you. Water is obviously better. that said, I love diet coke. And I get it for free at work…

  4. Bran with your breakfast? Or you can get fibre capsules/tablet things and just pop how-ever many a day? Make sure you’re getting plenty of veggies.

  5. Umm, squats being uncomfortable… On your actual back? are you trying to do High bar squats, or a powerlifting-style low bar? I always found that high bar caused some discomfort cause it’s sitting on your neck.

It eventually gets less painful…
And low bar squats can be hard on the shoulders to start off with, if your mobility sucks. But this is fairly easily remedied. (shoulder dislocates a few times a day, dynamic stretches before workout)

I would suggest that if you are trying to do high bar squats go for a low bar.

Hope this was helpful

For the squat problem: squeeze your shoulder blades together, making your upper back as tight as possible.

Thanks for the advice guys…

May sound like a really newbish question, but how important are streches before/after a workout? And can anyone give me a list of vital streches that should be performed?


Go to youtube and look up Squat RX. There are about 20 videos about different squat issues and how to deal with them. The material is pretty dry, but good anyway. I would recommend watching them all.

[quote]Beach wrote:
Thanks for the advice guys…

May sound like a really newbish question, but how important are streches before/after a workout? And can anyone give me a list of vital streches that should be performed?


Stretching is not something that is going to make or break you. I tend to do some active stretching before and some deep static stretching after a workout. The only area that receives more attention than others are my hip flexors.