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Starting T-Dawg....Need Help

Whats up everyone…decided to go T-Dawg version 2…

Weight: 253lbs
BF% (not sure, checked just above hip bone only) : ~30%
Lean BM: 177

100g carbs on wokout days
70g carbs on non-workout days

1.5g x 177(LBM) = 266g protein
.4g x 177(LBM) = 71g fat
177 (LBM) x 15 = 2700 calories

Also, do I have to worry about calories for protein, from fat, from carbs…or just go by the grams when i make out my meals for the weekl?


Well looks good. and Yes you will trasck the k/cals by tracking grams of the macros. Like carbs and pro have 4 k/cals per gram so the 100g days of carbs tyou will get 400 k/cals from carbs etc…

On the protien it has a suggestion I do beleive it is 1 or 1.5 g per lb of bodyweight. Multiply that by four.

Then make up the rest with GOOD fats.

Good luck great choice of diet.

Keep us informed,