Starting T-Dawg Diet Need some tips

Hey guys just starting the T-Dawg diet and wondered if anyone had any feedback on their results with this diet. Also does anyone know a good online source for food composition to help keep track of calories, fat, etc. Any help or tips would be appreciated

I went about 2 and a half weeks until yesterday. I crashed hard in the gym last night. I’ve been doing Meltdown with it and I get the dizzy, pukey feeling… and I dealt with it. But last night I really felt like total shit, I was about to pass out so I’m going to try something else. My progress seemed like it stopped anyways. Low-carb just isn’t for me. I’ve only recently started trying to figure out what sort of diet works best for me, so I’m going to start something new starting tomorrow. But as far as counting calories goes, just do it on paper man. I’ve found those webcounters to be a pain in the ass. It’s easier to just write it down.

Try to help keep track of what you eat. Make sure a lot of those fat calories come from healthy fats, such as fish oils, flax seed oils, Omega-3 fats… you should see between 3-5 lbs gone first week, of course most of this will be water weight because of the lack of carbohydrates. Good luck!